A Common Sense Guide to Bicycles
Bike Measurement Tool

Bike Measurement Tool

This tool helps you measure your bike frame by giving you detailed instructions and a frame diagram showing you exactly what to measure. Once you know the frame size of your bike, you'll get a rider chart showing how tall a person should be to ride the bike. Link to this rider chart from your Craigslist or eBay listing to help buyers determine if they will fit the bike.

Which bike would you like to measure?

  • Road Bike

    Road bike

    Road bikes have sleek frames and thinner tires for riding on hard smooth surfaces.

  • Mountain Bike

    Mountain Bike

    Mountain bikes have sturdy frames and thick knobby tires for riding on rough, bumpy surfaces.

  • BMX Bike

    BMX Bike

    BMX bikes have sturdy compact frames and smaller tires for riding and racing on dirt or asphalt surfaces.

  • Kids Bike

    Kids bike

    Kids bikes have small frames and tires for riding on hard flat surfaces.