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Rider Chart - 20" Kids Bike

Source: www.ebicycles.com

20" kids bikes are slightly larger than the 16" frame and can accommodate older, taller children. These bikes may have hand brakes, in addition to the coaster brake, to help the child learn to use their hands to slow or stop.

20" kids bike

20" Kids Bike

Bike Measurement

Information on this page is for a kids bike measuring:


Age Range

If your child's age is in the range below, they should fit this bike. You can also check your child's height to be sure.

  • 5 yr

  • to
  • 9 yr

Your Child's Bike Size

Bike Size Calculator

Find the appropriate size bike for your child using our kids bike size calculator. It will give you a specific size bike for your child based on his or her age.

Height Range

This bike is suitable for childern in the following height range:

Child Height Range
  • 3' 3½"

    100 cm

  • to
  • 4' 8½"

    144 cm