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Rider Chart - 24" Kids Bike

Source: www.ebicycles.com

24" kids bikes are smaller versions of full sized bikes. They will likely have hand brakes, gears, front-suspension and a similar seating posture to mountain bikes. These bikes are for confident riders who are simply too small for a full sized bike.

24" kids bike

24" Kids Bike

Bike Measurement

Information on this page is for a kids bike measuring:


Age Range

If your child's age is in the range below, they should fit this bike. You can also check your child's height to be sure.

  • 8 yr

  • to
  • 13 yr

Your Child's Bike Size

Bike Size Calculator

Find the appropriate size bike for your child using our kids bike size calculator. It will give you a specific size bike for your child based on his or her age.

Height Range

This bike is suitable for childern in the following height range:

Child Height Range
  • 3' 10½"

    119 cm

  • to
  • 5' 6½"

    169 cm