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Road Bike Saddle Height

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Use this information as a starting point when setting your saddle height.

Rider Details

Adult, female

Height (H)

  • 5' 7"
  • 67"
  • 170 cm

Leg Length (I)

  • 30½"
  • 77 cm
Adult, female

Your Saddle Height

Here is your saddle height measurement based on your height and leg length. Adjust your saddle using the instructions below.

Read our guide to bicycle saddles to learn more.

Road Bike Saddle Height

Road Bike Saddle Height

Saddle Height

  • 33"
  • 84 cm

Adjusting your Saddle

Use these instructions to properly adjust your saddle height:

  1. Starting Saddle Position

    Diagram showing saddle fore/aft, tilt and alignment positions

    Level your saddle so it's parallel with the ground (A) and centered from front to back (B) on the seat post. Also make sure the nose of the saddle is pointing straight towards the front of the bike (top view).

  2. Set Saddle Height to 33" (84 cm)

    Diagram showing saddle height measurement for a road bike

    Line up your cranks with the seat tube so they form a straight line from the saddle down to the ground. Then adjust your saddle so the distance between the top of the saddle and top of the lower pedal is 33" (84 cm). See red dotted line in the diagram.

  3. Proper Knee Extension

    Diagram showing riding position with proper saddle height for a road bike

    Once your saddle height is set, your legs should almost fully extend during your pedaling downstroke. See the slight bend in the knee in the diagram. This is the proper saddle height.

  4. Remembering your Saddle Height

    Diagram showing markings on seatpost

    Note the marking on your seatpost, if available, or mark the seatpost with a small amount of tape or permanent marker (M) so you can easily reset your saddle height if necessary.

  5. Set Saddle Fore/Aft Position

    Diagram showing proper knee position when saddle fore/aft position is correct

    Sit on your bike with the pedals parallel to the ground (at 3 and 9 position). Adjust your saddle forward or back until your knee is directly over the pedal spindle. Use a string with a key tied to one end and hold it to your knee to make sure it drops down through your pedal.

  6. Try it out

    Ride for a week or two at this new saddle height. If you have discomfort when riding, adjust your saddle height up or down in 5mm or 1/8" increments, riding for a couple weeks after each adjustment, until you find a comfortable saddle height for your body.

DISCLAIMER: There are NO GUARANTEES with the information provided here. Every rider is different. Consult your local bike shop for a professional fitting or size recommendation.

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