Aventon Abound Review: Unpacking the Affordable, Feature-Rich Cargo E-Bike

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An electric cargo bike is a practical and sustainable alternative to a car for short to medium-distance journeys.

Until recently, this segment of the e-bike market was dominated by premium brands with high-end models costing several thousands of dollars.

However, models like the Aventon Abound and those from manufacturers such as Rad Power Bikes, Lectric Bikes, and Blix Bikes make up a wave of affordable options, making this style more accessible.

The Aventon Abound cargo e-bike is cleverly designed to meet diverse needs. Its powerful motor, high weight capacity, and multiple accessory options mean you won’t be limited by what it can do.

This bike distinguishes itself from the similarly-priced competition with its seamless integration and abundant features such as turn signals, footboards, wheel guards, and dropper seatpost.

Our Aventon Abound review will examine the specs and performance to see how it stands up to other affordable cargo e-bikes so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

Aventon Abound Specs:

  • MSRP: $2,199
  • Class: Class 2, 20 mph
  • Motor: 750W hub
  • Battery: 720 Wh
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Tires: 20″ x 2.4″
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Tourney 7-speed
  • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 180 mm rotors
  • Weight: 81 lb
  • Payload Capacity: 440 lb (143 lb on the rear rack)


Aventon Abound Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper than most cargo e-bikes
  • A torque sensor means the ride quality is
    smoother than cadence-sensing e-bikes
  • Aventon includes footboards and a storage bag, which most brands charge extra for
  • High payload capacity of 440 lb and 143 lb
    on the rear rack
  • 50 mm fork suspension and 2.4″ tires smooth out bumpy roads
  • Plenty of power (1130W peak) for hauling cargo uphill


  • Low-end Shimano Tourney derailleur
  • The high, collapsible stem could be unstable traveling at high speeds with cargo on board
  • Max range while carrying a heavy payload is much lower than 50 miles (tested at 165 lb)
  • The Aventon Abound’s weight is slightly higher than other cargo e-bikes at 81 lb

Aventon Abound Review: An Affordable, Fully Integrated Cargo E-Bike

The Abound is the Aventon’s first attempt at an electric cargo bike. The brand’s latest generation of e-bikes has stylish integration, torque sensing, and extra features to enhance safety and convenience.

woman and man riding aventon abound cargo ebike

The price of the Abound is very accessible, especially if you consider it a replacement for a car. It’s around $3,000 cheaper than the best electric cargo bikes by Tern, Yuba, and Momentum.

It’s only slightly more expensive than the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 ($1,999) and Blix Packa Genie ($2,099) but significantly more expensive than Lectric’s XPedition ($1,399).

Regardless, the Abound easily justifies its price. It has extra components like lights with turn signals, a dropper seatpost, a storage bag, wheel guards to protect passengers’ legs, and footboards. These features mean you need only purchase one or two cargo-carrying accessories before you’re ready to go.

The Aventon Abound cargo e-bike is cleverly designed to meet diverse needs, offering seamless integration, abundant features, and an affordable price point.

The Abound is a solid choice if you don’t want to splash out on a mid-drive cargo e-bike but want smooth power transfer and balanced functionality and performance.

Sleek, Integrated Frame with Adjustable Sizing and Geometry

When compared to other cheap e-bikes, the Abound immediately stands out. The battery is beautifully integrated into the frame and removable from the non-drive side with the turn of a key.

The cabling is untidy in the front but runs cleanly through the frame where it enters on the headtube. Overall, this design is much more refined than the other cargo e-bikes at this price point.

Aventon Abound ebike with a folded handlebar

Like all Aventon frames, this one is solidly built with the extended rear rack integrated into the frame for increased carrying capacity.

The Abound can support 440 lb in total (rider and cargo). You can carry up to 176 lb of cargo, including 143 lb on the rear and 33 ­lb on an optional front rack. This capacity is roughly 20% higher than the Packa Genie and RadWagon 4 but half of the XPedition (300 lb).

The bike’s geometry is low and long to create a stable base when you ride with cargo and offset the instability of the smaller 20″ wheels.

The Abound has a unique foldable and adjustable stem, similar to those used on folding e-bikes. This makes the handling slightly twitchier but means you can store the bike in a smaller space at home. In addition, it has a broad sizing range of 4’11” to 6’3″.

Powerful, Torque-Sensing E-Bike System with Modest Range

One of the standout features of this model and something you’ll notice immediately if you’re used to riding cheaper hub-drive e-bikes is the torque sensor.

aventon abound rear rack capacity

Torque sensors measure the force you push through the pedals and communicate with the motor to deliver a proportional amount of power instead of determining how much to provide based on the speed the pedals turn (cadence sensing). This method results in a smoother ride quality, closer to a mid-drive e-bike.

The 750W motor and 48V system can produce up to 1130 watts of peak power. This high output is ideal for hauling cargo up climbs and helping you stay sweat-free while running errands or riding with two passengers onboard.

The 750W motor and 48V system can produce up to 1130 watts of peak power, ideal for hauling cargo uphill and ensuring a sweat-free ride.

However, the 720 Wh drains quickly under heavy load and using high pedal assistance levels, so if you have a long commute, you may want to consider the dual-battery Lectric XPedition.

One valuable inclusion from Aventon is the 3 Amp charger which provides a full charge in four to five hours.

Feature-Rich with Decent Components

The Aventon Abound cargo e-bike has a few extras that add value, such as footboards, an integrated storage bag, and turn signals.

aventon abound cargo features

Unfortunately, they chose Shimano’s most basic drivetrain, a 7-speed Tourney, which doesn’t hold up well over time. However, the Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes provide plenty of power and modulation.

Unlike the XPedition, RadWagon 4, and Packa Genie, the Abound has a suspension fork. This adds to the overall weight but also increases comfort on bumpy city roads, helping to compensate for the small 20″ wheels.

The Abound is feature-rich with extras like lights with turn signals, a dropper seatpost, a storage bag, wheel guards to protect passengers’ legs, and footboards, adding significant value to this cargo e-bike.

Another unique addition to this bike is the dropper post which you activate by squeezing the lever under the seat. This allows you to get a foot down so you don’t lose balance when coming to a stop, an invaluable feature for riding with a highly-loaded bike.

Finally, the Abound has a relatively sturdy dual kickstand and a high-quality backlit display that clearly shows all key ride metrics.

Solid Accessories Options

As mentioned, the Abound has footboards pre-installed, so if you plan to carry passengers, you’ll only need to buy the seat pad and handrails.

aventon abound accessories

Aventon offers a front rack with several cargo-carrying options, a selection of baskets and pannier bags for the rear rack, or trailers for carrying larger cargo or pets.

Additionally, you can personalize the bike with mirrors, extra lights, and bottle cages. The Aventon Abound’s accessories don’t match those from Rad Power Bikes, but they cover the basics.


Other Cargo Electric Bikes You May Consider

Aventon Abound vs. RadWagon 4

The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 is priced just $200 lower than the Abound. However, several notable spec and design differences mean it’s less appealing.

Firstly, the RadWagon 4 has a cadence sensor instead of torque, meaning the ride quality isn’t quite as natural. Another key difference is the lower-quality mechanical disc brakes and a smaller battery with less range.

Finally, the design is also less refined and robust. The battery and cabling are externally mounted, and the total payload limit is 90 lb lower than the Abound.

The one area where the Abound falls short of the RadWagon is its accessory options. Rad Power Bikes offers 58 different items, while Aventon only offers half that. So if you want a cargo e-bike with excellent customization options, the RadWagon might be the better choice.

Aventon Abound vs. Lectric XPedition

The Lectric XPedition is a worthy competitor to the Abound. This e-bike costs $500 to $800 less, depending on if you choose the single or dual-battery version.

The dual battery version has a max range over double that of the Abound. It’s also a more powerful bike, weighs 6 lb less, and has a 300 lb rear rack capacity.

That said, the XPedition doesn’t have integrated electronics or cabling, the build kit isn’t as high quality, and it doesn’t have a torque sensor or extras like brake light activation, footboards, or a dropper post.

If your budget is limited or you need more range and power, the dual-battery XPedition is a solid alternative to the Abound.

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Our Verdict: Ride or Pass?

If you’re in the market for an affordable cargo e-bike, the Aventon Abound is a compelling option, and it receives a “ride” verdict from us.

The torque-sensing system, feature-rich design, solid weight capacity, and seamless integration make the Abound stand out among similarly-priced competitors.

two images of man and woman riding aventon abound

E-bikes like this are a practical solution to replace your car on short to medium-distance journeys, and they are much more accessible than premium models by brands like Tern or Yuba.

Features like turn signals, footboards, wheel guards, and a dropper seatpost make the Abound convenient and safe to ride. Despite a lower-end drivetrain and slightly heavier weight, this bike justifies its price with excellent overall performance and functionality.

The Aventon Abound combines affordability, impressive motor power, and convenient accessories to offer an outstanding electric cargo bike solution for everyday needs.

When compared to the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4, the Abound shines. Similarly, compared to the Lectric XPedition, the Abound is a more refined choice, although the XPedition offers more range and power.

Overall, the Aventon Abound is a solid choice, so add it to your shortlist if you need a cargo e-bike that won’t break the bank.

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