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Ride1UP is a company that believes more in the efficiency and lifestyle of an e-bike commuter than the profits of the business. As a result, the company brings affordable yet premium quality e-bikes to the masses, perfect for going to work and back.

The company is based in San Diego, California, which is a common location for e-bike manufacturers. Ride1UP currently has five e-bikes on their portfolio, with a sixth coming at their most expensive price of $2,195.

Founded by Kevin Dugger, Ride1UPs origin story hits as close to home as it gets. Kevin grew up in Northern California, with cycling as his primary mode of transportation. When he was in college, he worked part-time on his own as a bicycle mechanic. As far as company founder origin stories go, you couldn’t write a better bicycle story than this.

Although Ride1UP was only recently launched in 2018, it has since consistently performed well in the market due to its very affordable prices yet premium quality e-bikes.


Overview of Ride1UP Electric Bikes

Ride1UP electric bikes

Ride1UP Electric Bikes overview

Being in the game for only three years, Ride1UP has made a name for itself for multiple reasons. First off, it’s an incredibly efficient business. Ride1UP is primarily an online company, taking most of its orders from a digital transaction. This alone helps them save on costs, making the overall price of their e-bikes much cheaper than the competition.

The business model of the company is a clear-cut goal: to overtake car commutes with cost-effective electric bikes.

The company philosophy is clear and easy to resonate with if you’re even particularly passionate about reducing pollution and having a better commuting experience.

Ride1UP offers a wide variety of e-bikes that their customers can choose from. Personally, the best part of their design is in the minimalist yet refined quality of their e-bikes.

The company doesn’t take itself too seriously, and designs e-bikes that look more like traditional bicycles than the semi-motorcycle aesthetic that other companies offer. We’re looking at you Juiced.


What We Like and Dislike About Ride1UP Electric Bikes

best value ride1up e-bikes

Ride1UP e-bikes for outdoor rides

While Ride1UP checks out on a lot of things, there’s always the other side to every coin. In this section, we’ll be flipping that coin and viewing it on both sides. Here are the good and the bad parts of Ride1UP bikes.


  • Ride1UP e-bikes are incredibly affordable, especially in contrast to most competitors that range between $2,000 to $7,000 in price.
  • These e-bikes are visually pleasing and minimal, which caters very much so to the traditional look and design of bicycles. This gives riders that casual aesthetic of a regular bicycle yet with the power of a Class 3 e-bike.
  • Although these e-bikes fit within most budgets, Ride1UP did not sacrifice quality for affordability. These bikes are strong, equipped with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries.
  • Next, there’s a wide variety of options for every type of rider, from city commuters, mountain trail riders, and road cyclists.
  • The bicycle design, following traditional bicycles, keeps these e-bikes lightweight. This is an especially underrated feature that’s overlooked, only coming to mind when you’re parking or pedaling an e-bike without any battery left.
  • Additionally, Ride1UP has a free shipping policy for all customers within the US and a 30-day free return policy if you don’t like the bike.
  • Almost every review from blogs, forums, and threads always has something good to say about the customer support team.


Points to Consider:

  • Some models only use mechanical brakes, which is more than enough for some but doesn’t provide the same safety as a hydraulic brake.
  • The Core-5, Roadster v2, and LMT’D don’t come with a built-in headlight.
  • Some models don’t have a USB charger for your phone.


Popular Ride1UP E-Bike Models

Ride1UP 500 series e-bike

Ride1UP 500 series e-bike grey variant

Currently, Ride1UP offers only five e-bikes in its portfolio. There’s a sixth option coming soon for optimal performance and price, arriving at around $2,000+. Ride1UP offers e-bikes at various price points, mainly targeting entry-level prices.

You can expect an investment between $995 to $1,795 from Ride1UPs e-bikes. Here are the five e-bikes on Ride1UP’s current portfolio. The definition of affordable yet premium.

  1. 500 Series – MSRP: $1,195 – The 500 series is Ride1UPs most popular e-bike, the first one from the company. It’s an affordable bike, the light at 53 pounds, lasts up to 45 miles, and accelerates up to 28mph.
  2. 700 Series – MSRP: $1,495 – The 700 series was Ride1UPs addition to the performance side of e-bikes in the industry. With a 750W battery, 56nM torque, up to 50 miles of range, and a top speed of 28mph, you’re getting more out of your buck than most e-bikes that retail at $2,000. Plus, it has hydraulic brakes.
  3. Core-5 – MSRP: $1,095 – If you’re looking for a beginner-type e-bike, then here’s something you can get behind on. It’s the second cheapest model on the list, yet it checks up all the way to 28mph and has up to 40 miles of range. The Core-5 model has everything except a front headlight and brake lights at the back.
  4. LMT’D – MSRP: $1,795 – Mountain bikes have never been the cheapest one on the aisle, but the LMT’D is a monster for the price it’s selling at. Although it maxes at 28mph due to the Class 3 limitation, it has the fastest acceleration from the Ride1UP product line according to most reviews. This is especially important when torque is all you have to climb up mountain trails.
  5. Roadster v2 – MSRP: $995 – For those of you who work close enough for a car yet far enough for a walk, the Roadster makes the perfect compromise. This e-bike rides up to 24 mph and offers up to 35 miles of range. However, you don’t get a headlight or a brake light, so it’s ideal for urban commutes but not necessarily for populated cities.


Ride1UP E-Bike Classes, Motors, and Batteries

Ride1UP electric bike aluminum frame

Ride1UP e-bikes are efficient, with the primary focus of getting riders from point A to B

Ride1UP focuses on efficient bikes that get riders from point A to B in the most cost-efficient way.

The company philosophy is simple, and it works. Not only are the e-bikes efficient, but everything about the company is quick and seamless. Customer service has been regarded as A+ throughout multiple reviews. Ordering an e-bike is quick, the 30-day return process is easy to process, and the manufacturing is all self-funded.

Ride1UP offers all of these great principles behind a production line that lives up to the same standards as the best Class 3 e-bikes.


Customer Service and Affordable Prices

If we had to choose a unique feature that Ride1UP excels at, it’s pricing their e-bikes and keeping their customers happy.

We’ve read through dozens of online blog reviews and hundreds of customer-submitted reviews in Reddit, Amazon, Quora, and so on. Almost everyone has something good to say about their customer experience.

Have a broken part in the shipping? Get a replacement within the week after contacting customer service. Have a question about adding aftermarket accessories? Customer service has got your back. This among many other effective and punctual responses from Ride1UPs customer service, has kept customers loyal to their product and company.

All in all, it’s a refreshing experience for beginner and veteran e-bike riders to find a company that cares more about the experience than the profit.


You Might Also Ask

On the off chance that you have unanswered questions, here’s a quick overview of the most frequently asked questions about Ride1UP.

  • Where are Ride1UP bikes made? 

Ride1UP e-bikes are designed in San Diego, California, where the company is stationed. However, the assembly line does happen in China. As for the sourcing of all the components, this is backed by a global supply chain sourced from multiple countries.

  • What types of e-bikes does Ride1UP make?

Ride1UP offers three types of e-bikes: mountain, road, and city. Ride1UP offers pretty much all three types of e-bikes, all of which are Class 3. Specifically, Ride1UP offers 3 city bikes, 1 road bike, and 1 mountain bike.

  • How much weight can Ride1UP bikes carry?

All five of Ride1UP’s e-bikes can carry up to 275 lbs of weight. This doesn’t exclude the passenger, so don’t expect your 500 or 700 Series to carry two people at once without buckling in pain.

  • How fast do Ride1UP e-bikes go?

All of Ride1UP’s e-bikes are Class 3, meaning they accelerate up to 28 mph. However, the Roadster v2 is limited to 24mph, making it the slowest but cheapest among the group.

  • Are Ride1UP bikes worth the money?

Absolutely. Ride1UP bikes are arguably the most worth-it e-bike when looking for an e-bike with the specifications they offer. Ride1UP’s product line is affordable, and the quality lacks nothing but even more praise.


Bottom Point — Who Are Ride1UP E-Bikes For?

Ride1UP electric bike review

Beginner E-Bike That Is Affordable and Powerful. Photo Credit: Ride1UP, California.

Ride1UP has a target demographic of absolutely everybody who wants to get a beginner e-bike that’s affordable yet powerful. The company’s product line offers e-bikes that are built for mountain trails, city streets, and road pathways.

If you’re looking for an e-bike that’s entry-level priced but jacked with premium hardware components, Ride1UP is something you can stand behind. Lastly, we’ve said this multiple times already, but their customer service is excellent. If you don’t like the e-bike, you can return it with no questions asked within 30 days of owning the bike!

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Ride1UP e-bikes are made to be affordable for the masses whilst at the same time offer the same premium quality just like the other high-end e-bikes in the market. They are perfect for just about everyone.


  • Ride1UP electric bikes are incredibly affordable with their models ranging from prices from $995 to $1,795.
  • The design of the Ride1UP e-bikes inspires to be visually pleasing, minimal, and lightweight, without sacrificing quality craftsmanship.
  • Ride1UP offers free-shipping within the US and a generous 30-day free return policy.
  • The customer support behind Ride1UP is one of the best in the business and goes above and beyond to meet your satisfaction.
  • Ride1UP offers a wide variety of e-bikes for every type of rider, from city commuters, mountain trail riders, and road cyclists.

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