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Yuba is a California-based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in making functional cargo bikes. Their lineup consists of both traditional and electric models, but today we’re more interested in the latter.

If you live in a city where you can replace most of your short car excursions with a bicycle, one of Yuba’s creations is a godsend. You’ll save money on gas and maintenance, simplify your life, improve health, and help the environment.

Yuba was founded by a Frenchman living in California, who is on a mission to bring the laid-back European cycling culture to the United States. Let’s find out if he has succeeded.


Overview of Yuba Electric Bikes

Yuba Bikes was founded in 2006 by Benjamin Sarrazin, an innovative entrepreneur of French origin. While traveling through remote areas and developing countries, he realized that bicycles can empower ordinary people and enable them to do more. That was his motivation to start making bikes aimed towards families and small entrepreneurs.

Yuba e-cargo bikes review

Today, Yuba is a successful company and one of the most respected manufacturers of cargo bicycles in the world. At the moment, their offering includes five electric models that put utility at the forefront.

There are three types of Yuba cargo bikes that you can get:

  • Compact Cargo Bikes
  • Fullsize Cargo Bikes
  • Front Cargo Bikes

Yuba bikes are characterized by massive cargo areas at the front or at the back of the bike. Some come with elongated cargo racks, whereas others come with massive cargo platforms or containers to haul weight.

These are not cheap bicycles, but that does not surprise considering the level of engineering that goes into making them and the quality of the components included.

If you make a lot of frequent short to mid-long urban trips, you’ll quickly see a good return on your investment.


What We Like and Dislike About Yuba Electric Bikes

There are many reasons to buy a Yuba electric cargo bike. However, there are also a few reasons to consider other options as well. Find out more about the good and bad below.


  • Yuba electric cargo bikes are super fun to ride. Kids love them especially.
  • You can replace most in-town car trips with a Yuba e-bike.
  • Shimano and Bosch mid-drive motors offer plenty of power so it’s easy to pedal even when fully loaded.
  • Yuba bikes are jam-packed with features and accessories that improve everyday functionality.
  • These are good-looking bikes despite being bulky cargo vehicles.
  • Yuba bicycles are firm and stable thanks to big, wide wheels and a low center of gravity.
  • These bikes are not awfully heavy but are able to pull upwards of 350 lbs with ease.
  • All Yuba e-bikes also have a Walk-assist mode that will help you push the bike up ramps.


  • Yuba bikes are more expensive than other cargo bicycles with similar features.
  • You often need to purchase add-on accessories to utilize 100% of Yuba’s functionality.
  • The lack of any type of suspension affects comfort due to small 20″ wheels.


Popular Yuba E-Bike Models

Yuba e-bikes popular models

At the moment, Yuba makes five electric cargo bicycles that you can choose from. These are equipped with either Shimano or Bosch electric motors and 400-500Wh batteries.

The prices vary between around $3,300 to $5,900, so there are no budget options, but that’s hard to expect as these are premium cargo bikes.

  • Boda Boda – MSRP $3,300 – This is the cheapest e-cargo bike in Yuba’s lineup. It comes with a long, integrated rear rack and a Shimano Steps 6100 mid-drive motor. You can personalize it with countless accessories.
  • Spicy Curry (Our In-Depth Review) – MSRP $4,800 – This is a full-size cargo e-bike with front and rear carrying capabilities. It features a Bosch Cargo Line motor and a 500Wh battery. It’s ideal for transporting passengers and carrying a lot of weight.
  • Spicy Curry All-Terrain – MSRP $5,300 – The only Yuba cargo bike with front suspension and off-road-capable tires. It’s ideal for gravel and dirt roads, but it can be ridden on paved roads and bike paths as well.
  • Electric Mundo – MSRP $4,500 – This is another full-size e-cargo bike capable of hauling up to 550 lb. of weight. It’s powered by a Shimano 8000 motor supported by a 500Wh battery.
  • Electric Supermarché – MSRP $5,900 – A premium electric cargo bicycle with an integrated rear rack and a front-loading cargo platform that can be transformed into a container to haul passengers or cargo. Ideal for big families and entrepreneurs.


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Yuba E-Bike Classes, Motors, and Batteries

When it comes to electrical components, Yuba partners with some of the biggest names in the industry to ensure quality and reliability.

Namely, all Yuba’s e-cargo bikes are outfitted with either Bosch or Shimano mid-drive motors and corresponding 400-500Wh batteries.

Moreover, Yuba makes only Class 1 e-bikes. That means that these cargo bicycles do not have a throttle, they offer pedal-assistance only. Depending on the e-motor unit, you will have several pedal-assist modes to choose from, including a walk-assist mode. This feature is a game-changer if you need to push your Yuba up a steep slope.


Spacious Cargo Areas and Clever Accessories

You will have different types of cargo areas at your disposal depending on which Yuba e-cargo bike you choose. Yuba makes compact, full-size, and front-loading cargo bikes, so you should choose a model based on your cargo-hauling requirements.

Compact models, such as Boda Boda, offer a large integrated rear rack and up to 400 lb. of carrying capacity. Full-size models, such as Spicy Curry and Mundo Electric can haul between 440-550 lb. of cargo on the front and on the rear of the bike. The front-loading Electric Supermarché can pull 440 lb. on its front cargo platform and on the rear rack.

Yuba cargo e-bike accessories

Most Yuba e-bikes are a blank canvas that you can customize and personalize to your own liking. You can do this by adding different types of accessories that would make the bike more practical and more suitable for your specific needs.

The available accessories include panniers, platforms, decks, baskets, additional racks, passenger saddles, child seats, covers, pegs, and a lot more.


You Might Also Ask

In case we still haven’t answered some of your questions above, you can perhaps find the answers in the FAQs below.

  • Where are Yuba bikes made?

Yuba Bikes is a US-based company with headquarters in California. However, Yuba’s bicycles are made in China, just like the majority of other bikes nowadays. The bikes are then shipped to the USA for assembly and customizations before delivered to customers.

  • What types of e-bikes does Yuba make?

Yuba makes only cargo bicycles in three categories: compact, full-size, and front-loading. Riders can choose between traditional and electric models. Yuba’s e-bikes are class 1 bicycles with pedal-assistance and no throttle.

  • How much cargo can Yuba bikes carry?

Depending on the model you get, your Yuba cargo bicycle could carry anywhere between 330 lb. and 550 lb. This weight limit includes the weight of the rider, the cargo, and any passengers you might take. Keep in mind that each cargo area has individual weight limits as well.

  • How fast do Yuba e-cargo bikes go?

Yuba e-cargo bikes are Class 1 bicycles which means they have a 20 MPH maximum assisted speed. However, if you wish, you could ride faster than that by continuing to pedal once the motor shuts off at 20 MPH.

  • Are Yuba bikes worth the money?

Yes, Yuba bikes are worth the money even though they seem pricey at first. These are high-quality electric cargo bicycles built with durable materials and reliable components that can withstand a lot of abuse. Yuba’s main selling points are practicality, functionality, and awesome looks.


Bottom Point—Who Are Yuba E-Bikes For?

Yuba electric cargo bikes

As you might guess, Yuba bikes are not a good choice for everyone out there. But since you’re reading this review, it probably means that you are looking for a cargo bicycle and that you could benefit from one. In that case, Yuba is a fun and failproof choice if you have the money to finance it.

Yuba e-cargo bikes are intended for urban-dwellers who live in cities with good cycling infrastructure and make a lot of short trips with a car. You can complete all of those short trips with Yuba, which would save you money in the long run, improve your health, and make your days more adventurous.

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