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The QuietKat Ranger is best known for its all-terrain performance. It was one of the most popular electric mountain bikes of 2022, and now it just got better!

It has been fitted with an all-new motor system, battery, and integrated pannier rack. Combine those with innovative geometry and a heavy weight-carrying capacity, and what do you get?

A powerful Class 2 e-bike that can take you across miles of rugged roads and broken trails. The perfect travel companion for outdoor adventurers!

QuietKat Ranger Quick Specs:

  • MSRP: $3,499 – $3,799
  • Class: Class 2 or Unrestricted
  • Motor: 750W or 1000W Rear-Drive
  • Battery: 48V, 12.8Ah, 614 Wh (10 lbs)
  • Range: 19 – 38 miles
  • Gears: SRAM 7-Speed
  • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc
  • Weight: 65 lb
  • Top Speed:  1000w (Unrestricted) | 750w (20mph)
  • Tires: 26” x 4.5”

Frameset and Geometry

QuietKat Ranger e-bike review

QuietKat Ranger e-mtb’s frames are carefully designed and crafted for a high-quality ride.

Observe the Ranger’s frameset, and you will see how the folks at QuietKat carefully crafted this e-bike’s geometry to optimize ride quality and handling.

Not only does the frame look sleek and cool, but it’s also built for efficiency.

The QuietKat Ranger’s frame is available in four colors, which means you’ll certainly be able to find the design you like. Depending on your height, you can choose between a small (15.5”), medium (17”), or large (19”) frame.

An integrated cargo rack has been added above the rear wheel to balance the weight distribution throughout the frame. The e-bike only weighs 65 pounds, but it’s strong enough to carry a maximum load of 325 pounds! Now you can bring your dog or even a friend on your next off-road trip.

Motor and Battery

QuietKat Ranger e-bike Top class motor and battery

The QuietKat e-mtb can take you farther than you’ve ever been with its powerful motor and high capacity battery.

The QuietKat Ranger uses a Bafang geared motor with 7-speed gearing, which is now available in 750W and 1000W options.

Classified as a Class 2 e-bike, the 750W version can get you up to 20 mph without a problem. This is the general speed limit in most states when it comes to e-bikes. However, the 1000W option will let you ride faster than that, approximately up to 33 mph and above.

Keep in mind that anything above 28 mph on city streets is counted as an unclassified and unregulated speed, so you could be pulled over.

QuietKat uses 48V Panasonic batteries with lithium cells, which are far superior to the common lead-acid batteries that most brands use. These batteries are sealed tight to protect them from extreme weather conditions, which is why they are perfect for long-distance off-road travel.

No special maintenance is required. Just keep the battery charged up, and it won’t fail you for a long time.

Charging the QuietKat’s Ranger’s battery takes around 6-8 hours when using the standard charger or the solar charger. If you think that’s too long, you can get the Pathfinder rapid charger for $165. It cuts the charging time in half, which means you can wait less and ride more.


QuietKat Ranger best durable e-mtb

With the adjustable coil suspension, the QuietKat e-mtb can get you through the toughest trails and mountains.

It’s amazing how the Ranger managed to fit many high-quality materials in such a compact space. This e-bike comes with adjustable coil-suspension to give you less discomfort when riding on bumpy roads.

The 26” x 4.5” Kenda Juggernaut oversized tires give you excellent traction over sand, mud, and snow. Moreover, if you ever need to slow down or come to a full stop, the Ranger’s 180mm Tektro rotor mechanical disc brakes respond immediately whenever triggered.

The technical marvels of the QuietKat Ranger do not end there. The SRAM 7-speed drivetrain of this e-bike has adjustable dropouts that let you switch from geared speed to single-speed on a whim. Choose single-speed if you prefer to enjoy the ride without worrying about shifting gears!


QuietKat Ranger best electric mountain bike

True to their name, QuietKat Ranger e-bike is built to be quiet for unsuspecting prey.

The QuietKat Ranger runs perfectly fine on paved roads, but it can also guide you through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

If you come across a challenging slope while riding this e-bike, don’t turn around! Activate pedal assist and climb that slope without losing a bucketful of sweat. Hardcore mountaineers can buy the Overland Kit upgrade to give their e-bike a portable charging station and additional dry packs.

The Ranger is also popular with hunters. It addresses one of the biggest challenges a hunter faces—the need for quick, quiet movement. Moving on foot is tiresome, while using an ATV generates too much noise.

The QuietKat Ranger can cover a lot of ground without waking up the entire forest. That means you have ample time to track and hunt your prey before heading back to camp. Dedicated woodsmen can buy the Ultimate Hunter Kit if they want to equip their Ranger with better night lights, tire liners, and racks.

Are you interested in fishing instead of hunting or mountain climbing? Then the Ranger is also a reliable companion for you. The Angler’s Kit upgrade comes with large, waterproof cargo bags and an all-terrain trailer.

The upgrade packs are sold separately, but the stock version alone already has enough features to justify its $3,499 price tag.


QuietKat Ranger Highly flexible e-bike

Setting up the QuietKat Ranger is simple thanks to the thorough video tutorials that cover everything.

Setting up the QuietKat Ranger right out of the box is no simple task, but QuietKat is kind enough to provide a complete library of video tutorials on their website. These videos cover everything from cargo trailer assembly to fender installment. Even the seemingly difficult task of adjusting the e-bike’s speed using the LCD has been thoroughly explained.

The QuietKat customer service also receives a lot of praise for their quick response to queries and complaints. Setting up this e-bike is an absolute breeze and you can even dance the Rick-Roll whilst you do it. Yup, you heard me.


Does the QuietKat Ranger have a warranty?

Yes, the QuietKat Ranger has a lifetime warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for all components.

How long does it take to fully charge a QuietKat Ranger?

It takes six to eight hours for a QuietKat Ranger to reach full battery when using either a standard or solar charger. If you use the Pathfinder rapid charger, then it takes three to six hours.

How many miles can I travel on one fully-charged battery of the QuietKat Ranger?

The QuietKat Ranger can give you up to 30 to 60 miles when traveling on Eco Pedal Assist. However, the mileage can also vary depending on the rider’s weight, battery size, terrain, temperature, and additional gear.

Is financing available for the QuietKat Ranger?

Yes. The QuietKat Ranger can be financed through PayPal or Affirm. Visit the Financing page for the complete guidelines.

Ride or Pass?

QuietKat Ranger best mountain & offroad e-bike

QuietKat Ranger e-bike is designed and built for Hunters and hardcore mountain bikers.

It’s definitely a ride! The QuietKat Ranger might as well be deemed one of the best Class 2 e-mountain bikes of 2024 this early in. With plenty of choices for motor wattage, frame size, and upgrade packs, you can choose which package suits you best.

Whether you’re built as a seasoned adventurist or your knees are just too bad for a traditional mountain bike, the QuietKat Ranger won’t let you down no matter how rough the road gets.

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