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The latest QuietKat Warrior has undergone a major makeover! Tried and tested for outdoor performance, this Class 3 electric mountain bicycle is a much-improved reincarnation of the previous Warrior.

So, what’s new? A few important things, that’s what!

This popular e-bike has been outfitted with an integrated pannier cargo rack, upgraded motor, enhanced battery, and two new color selections. It still uses the iconic frame geometry and adjustable dropouts that QuietKat Bikes is renowned for.

The QuietKat Warrior is specially made for everyday e-bike riders and adventure-seekers who are no strangers to the challenges of the off-road terrain.

Whether you want to push yourself to the limit in extreme outdoor conditions or you just want to casually cruise along a backcountry trail, the 2023 Warrior has your back.

QuietKat Warrior Quick Specs:

  • MSRP: $4,699 – $4,799
  • Class: Class 3 Electric Mountain Bike
  • Motor: 750W or 1000W Mid-Drive
  • Battery: 48V, 12.8Ah, 614 Wh(10 lbs)
  • Range: 19 – 38 miles
  • Gears: SRAM 8 Speed
  • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc
  • Weight: 70 lb
  • Speed: Unrestricted (1000w) | 20 mph (750w)
  • Tires: 26” x 4.5” All-Terrain

Frameset and Geometry

QuietKat Warrior review

The QuietKat Warrior may look the same as the Ranger but the frames are built much thicker for more durability.

The QuietKat Warrior looks roughly similar to the QuietKat Ranger electric bicycle. The one key difference between these two e-bikes is the frame size. The Warrior comes only in either the 17-inch or 19-inch frame (M/L), while the Ranger also has a 15-inch option.

The QuietKat Warrior may seem difficult to ride due to its size, but it’s actually a pleasant experience thanks to its innovative frame.

Its geometry was designed with focused weight distribution in mind to improve handling and overall ride quality.

The QuietKat Warrior is available in the colors sandstone and Veil Poseidon Dry Camo. Either color gives this e-bike a military look, which fits perfectly with its name. After all, both the Warrior and the military vehicles share qualities such as toughness, power, and endurance.

The addition of a heavy-duty pannier rack is what truly distinguishes the latest Warrior from its previous version. This cargo rack is integrated above the Warrior’s rear wheel and can carry up to 325 pounds. Perfect for hauling your camping, hunting, or fishing equipment!

Motor and Battery

QuietKat Warrior Motor and Battery

Just like the QuietKat Ranger, QuietKat Warrior is equipped with a 1000W power motor for quick maneuver.

The QuietKat Warrior’s powerful performance is made possible by its Bafang 750W mid-drive motor. If you stumble upon a challenging slope or trail, just activate the pedal-assist mode and the drivetrain will handle the rest.

A 1000W motor is also available, which is slightly more expensive but more efficient than the 750W. No matter which motor you choose, it will run silently for your convenience.

The Warrior is classified as a Class 2 e-bike, so you can expect a 20 mph ride with the 750W motor. Now, if you’re upgrading to the 1000W motor, then you can go faster than that—around 33mph or more.

However, keep in mind that 28mph is the general speed limit when riding e-bikes on city roads. So, even if you do get a 1000W upgrade, you may not be able to ride that fast on public roads.

The Warrior also comes with a new and improved integrated Panasonic lithium-cell battery. It weighs only 10 pounds, but little maintenance is required to ensure its consistent performance. That’s the biggest advantage of lithium cells over the more common lead-acid batteries.

Charging this e-bike’s battery takes six to eight hours when using the standard or solar charger. If you think that’s too long, QuietKat offers a Pathfinder rapid charger for $165 that cuts the charging time in half. The less time you need to charge means that you have more time to ride.


QuietKat Warrior durability components

With the much thicker frame and strong coils, the QuietKat Warrior can traverse through the rockiest roads with ease.

This e-bike was built to endure rugged terrain, which is why it uses oversized Kenda Juggernaut 26” x 4.5” tires for better traction over mud, sand, and snow.

This e-bike uses the SRAM 8-speed drivetrain but can be quickly swapped between single-speed or geared speed, depending on your preference. Geared speed is preferable for off-road adventures across elevated terrain. Then you can switch to single-speed if you simply want to cruise on a familiar backcountry trail.

Other components worth mentioning are the:

  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Removable thumb throttle
  • Adjustable air suspension fork
  • NCX suspension seat post
  • 120mm Mozo air fork

For an e-bike that costs around $4500, it has top-quality components delivering an overall performance that can match that of more expensive Class 2 e-mountain bikes.


QuietKat Warrior best e-mtb on the market

The QuietKat Warrior’s 8-speed gear can take on the steepest of hills and mountains.

This e-bike is called the Warrior for a good reason: it doesn’t back down from any challenge. The 8-speed drivetrain maximizes its full range of gears for maximum torque, so you can climb steep hills or mountains like a pro.

The QuietKat Warrior has a cruising distance of up to 38 miles on a fully charged battery. That is excellent mileage for a long, unwinding outdoor adventure. Add to that the silent running performance of this e-bike’s motor and what you get is the perfect travel companion.

The pedal assist is readily available anytime, which is helpful for elderly cyclists. No matter how old you are, riding the QuietKat Warrior is easy on the knees so you can just focus on enjoying the ride.

If you want to take your outdoor riding experience to the next level, QuietKat offers four upgrade packs that are great value for your money.

The Ultimate Hunter Kit comes with a bike rack, an improved rack, a night light, and an armored tire liner to protect your QuietKat Warrior from whatever nature throws at you. The base model of this e-bike already lets you navigate the woodlands quickly and track your prey quietly, but these accessories can further enhance your hunting experience.

Consider getting the Overland Kit if you’re itching to explore new trails and experience action-packed getaways! Included in this kit are two cargo bags with a quick-connect rack, a QuietKat drypack, an armored tire liner, and a portable solar charging station.

If you often visit lakes, rivers, and streams, then the Angler Kit is the perfect upgrade for you. This pack comes with a pair of durable grips, a 50-liter cargo cooler, a handlebar cargo bag, and a QuietKat all-terrain trailer. That’s enough equipment to carry your haul after a half-day fishing session!

The Urban Commute Kit transforms your Warrior into a city-friendly electric bicycle. It includes a mount for your phone or GPS, a pocket multi-tool, a night light, and the classic QuietKat drypack. An excellent upgrade choice for day-to-day commutes and city adventures.


QuietKat Warrior best trail and mountain e-bike

The QuietKat Warrior is among the best e-mtb on the market with its durable and powerful motor.

Setting up the Warrior e-bike may seem like a daunting task, but with the numerous video tutorials on QuietKat’s website, building your bike becomes a piece of cake. Their video series will walk you through the whole unboxing and assembly process.

QuietKat also publishes videos on how to install all sorts of accessories that come with your purchase.

If you still need help after watching the tutorials, send customer support a quick message regarding your inquiries or complaints. The QuietKat team is always on standby and ready to help!


  • Does the QuietKat Warrior has a warranty?

Yes, QuietKat Warrior provides a lifetime warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for the components.

  • How many miles can I travel on one fully-charged battery of the QuietKat Warrior?

The QuietKat Warrior can last up 30 to 60 miles when traveling on Eco Pedal Assist. Factors that may affect the mileage are battery size, type of terrain, outdoor temperature, rider weight, and any extra gear.

  • How long does it take to fully charge a QuietKat Warrior?

It takes six to eight hours for a QuietKat Warrior’s battery to reach full charge when you use either the standard charger or solar charger. If you bought the Pathfinder rapid charger, charging time takes three to six hours.

  • Is financing available for the QuietKat Warrior?

Yes. The QuietKat Warrior can be financed through Affirm or PayPal. Visit the Financing page for a complete list of guidelines.

User Reviews

The QuietKat Warrior is the e-bike for your daily commute, adventures on rough terrain, and general recreation. According to numerous reviews, this superbike can accommodate men with a larger build and can still get up to 28 mph carrying heavy weights with pedal assist.

Customers also claim that the QuietKat Warrior makes a perfect vehicle for hunting, thanks to its stealthy motor and camo-sandstone combination of aesthetics. Not to mention, it’s also way cheaper than an ATV!

So far, the 2023 Warrior has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. No wonder it’s one of the best-selling QuietKat e-bikes for a long time.

Ride or Pass?

QuietKat Warrior e-mtb product review

Using the high-powered motor and durable frames, the QuietKat Warrior is a best buy for mountain and trail bikers.

The QuietKat Warrior is definitely a good ride. It runs efficiently yet quietly, has a large carrying capacity, and can withstand any kind of punishment from extreme weather and terrain.

When you are traveling deep in the woods and away from civilization, you need a reliable companion to help you reach your destination. In such times, it’s nice to have a Warrior by your side.

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