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The Yuba Spicy Curry is a functional electric cargo bike perfect for large loads and/or seating children without the need for additional equipment. Their Ltd edition: Spicy Curry All Terrain bike is a similarly designed e-cargo bike for light off-road use.

The Yuba Spicy Curry has an MSRP of $4,800 while the Ltd edition Spicy Curry All Terrain is priced at $5,300. However, if you want the bike shop to pre-assemble the bikes, prepare to spend a further $150. 

Both models are electric cargo bikes, with the Spicy Curry mode being a stiff-framed long-tail bike, and the All Terrain model featuring front suspension forks. Each come supplied with the Bosch cargo line motor and Bosch PowerPack 500 Battery which has a claimed range of 90 kilometers in favorable conditions. 


Frameset, Geometry

The Yuba Spicy Curry boasts a solid frame and comfortable geometry, ideal for regular use.

The frame for the Yuba Spicy Curry comes in one size and claims to adjust to fit riders ranging in height from 4 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 4 inches, or 1.45 to 1.98 meters.

The All Terrain offers the same range of height suitability. Both models use a lightweight 6061 aluminum construction, with a low step-through design to make getting on and off the bike easy even if you’re wearing regular clothes.

As there is only one frame size this means there is no gender-specific option on the market. However, each rider can alter the bike to their own specifications by adjusting the handlebars and the seat post to their desired height. According to Yuba, The Yuba Spicy curry weighs 60 lbs (27 kg.)


The sturdiness of the frame allows for a claimed haulage weight of up to 440lbs  (200kg.) 

Again made from sturdy aluminum, the Yuba Spicy Curry All Terrain frame features SR Suntour forks to help smooth bumps in the road or gravel track.

It also features a low step-over frame so it’s easy to get on and off the bike. The All Terrain model weighs in at 60lbs or 27kg.

In terms of haulage weight, Yuba claims it can carry 440lbs or 200kg. The All Terrain model is available in black with red decals, and the Spicy Curry is available in white with blue decals or blue with white decals. Both models feature quite relaxed geometry, making comfort the priority. 


Motor and Battery

Both models of the Yuba Spicy Curry range are fitted with Bosch Cargo Line Speed 250w motors.

These motors are specially designed for the demands of cargo bikes and support speeds of up to 45kph/28mph depending on the legal limit in your area. They can also provide a max torque of 85Nm, making it easier to transport large or heavy loads.

The Cargo Line Speed motor has four different operation settings; Turbo, Sport, Tour, and Eco each with different support levels (400%, 240%, 140%, and 60%) so riders can decide which setting they need dependent on the terrain and speed they wish to travel. 

In addition to the motor, both the Spicy Curry and All Terrain models come equipped with a Bosch Kiox display head unit.

This is where riders can control the aforementioned support levels as well as a new motor lockout feature from Bosch which allows riders to disable the bike’s motor when they remove the head unit. Unfortunately, this nifty anti-theft feature is not free and requires paying an extra fee to Bosch to be able to use it. 

An upgrade on previous battery packs, both models of the Spicy Curry now comes with Bosch’s 36V  PowerPack 500.

With a standard charger, the PowerPack 500 takes approximately 4.5 hours to charge to 100%, however, this can be shortened to 3 hours with a ‘fast’ charger. Once fully charged, Bosch claims the battery supplies a range of up to 90 kilometers in ‘favorable conditions’. 



Both the Spicy Curry and Spicy Curry All Terrain models use a mixed group of components.

The drivetrain is largely comprised of Shimano Deore M6000 ten-speed. The rear derailleur, shifter, and cassette are all Shimano’s mid to low-range offering, the Deore M6000. Similar to the road going 105 groupset, Deore can be considered the work-horse of the Shimano range, which means it lasts and is cheap when you do need to eventually replace parts.

The crankset, however, is a Lasco offering – a cheap and cheerful crankset that works well as part of the 1x set up (no front derailleur). The cassettes on both are 11-32T which make them great for climbing, however, the 50T chainring up front could leave some struggling if they’re on hilly terrain.

Yuba spicy curry with kids

Typically on an off-road bike, the front ring is somewhat smaller so this may need to be adjusted depending on your needs as a rider. The chain provided is a KMC X10e which is a decent chain and e-bike compatible meaning it will work well even under large amounts of torque. 

Yuba hasn’t compromised on brake quality with hydraulic four-piston disc brakes, meaning they’ll work well even in unfavourable and wet conditions. They have used Magura MT32 hydraulic disc brakes for both models. Similarly to the drivetrain components, these are cheap to replace, but being hydraulic means they will work well with a lot less maintenance and fiddling than mechanical disc brakes. 


Wheels and Terrain

Yuba has counted the extra weight likely to be placed on their wheels so they’ve used double-walled DB-32 MTB Wall rims for extra strength on both models.

They feature a 20-inch rear wheel for stability and 26-inch front wheel for comfort. The tires differ between models with the Spicy Curry using Schwalbe Super Moto X 2.4″ on both front and rear tires, whereas the All Terrain model uses Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus 2.25″ on the front and Schwalbe Smart Sam K Guard 2.3″ on the rear.

The Super Moto tires are durable and hard-wearing tires designed for asphalt and light trail use, whereas the Smart Sam tires are knobbly tires meant for light off-road use, and will slow you down if used on the asphalt due to the extra rolling resistance. 

The All Terrain model is suitable for all-terrain thanks to its front fork suspension. Yuba has used SR Suntour 80mm travel forks which is a cheap fork by any standard, but for a cargo bike where you realistically aren’t going to be riding at Whistler, they will dampen the ride for you suitably. 


The uniqueness of the Yuba brand comes with its additional extras.

As a base bike, it’s very capable but the beauty of the bike is that it can be adapted to suit your riding needs. Yuba does include the basics such as a bike stand, lights, fenders, and a ‘deflopilator’ (which claims to keep your front wheel straight when you use the bike stand) however if you want to start lugging around kids or lots of cargo, you’ll need to check out their add-ons.

Some favorites include the bread basket (for the front) which is rated for 50lbs/25kgs of cargo,  the bamboo deck, which gives your passengers somewhere to sit behind you, and the hold-on bars for those little passengers who need some extra stability. 

The beauty of the Yuba Spicy Curry and All Terrain bikes is that you can customize them and build the bike to suit your riding.

If you’re only going to be carrying your kids, then you don’t need to purchase the baskets and pannier rack fitments. In contrast, if you’re only carrying cargo then you don’t need to splurge on the passenger equipment. And this is why all the extras aren’t included in the base bike.

Yuba knows that their customers have different needs and by not raising the price of the bike to include all these parts, you can save money on things you don’t need. But be prepared to spend a little depending on how you want to structure your cargo bike. 


Ride Feel and Suggested Use of Yuba Spicy Curry

The Yuba Spicy Curry positions itself as a replacement for a new car.

That’s a lot to live up to. However, reviewers tend to agree, including this review from BikeRumor.com in which they did just that, used it as a replacement for a second car.


The Spicy Curry can be a viable alternative to a car for short family journeys, as well as for food or larger shops, although there are some times when a bike isn’t a viable option for most, for example: moving a piano.

The reviewer suggests that the ride quality is smooth and stable, thanks to the smaller rear wheel and larger front wheel. Unfortunately, that can lead to a harsher ride so checking tire pressures are a must especially in the rear wheel where your passengers are seated. 



There are two assembly options when buying a Yuba bike (from Yuba directly). The first is the assemble on your own option, and the second is the ready to ride option which costs $150.

If you choose to have the bike shipped without being assembled, Yuba claims the bike will be 85% assembled in the box, but they also recommend taking the bike to an authorized Bosch service center if you’re not familiar with assembling electric bikes.

They also recommend a working knowledge of electric bikes and an adequate toolbox without mentioning any specific tools to assemble the bike. 

If you choose to pay for assembly (provided you live in an area with a Yuba authorized retailer), Yuba will send the bike to the dealer for assembly and then you are invited to pick the bike up once it’s ready. 


People Also Searched For:

  • What’s the warranty on the Yuba Spicy Curry bike?

Yuba provides a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects to the original owner. 

  • Will two children fit comfortably on the Yuba Spicy Curry?

As long as you include the required fittings for the bike, then yes. Yuba manufacture bamboo decks and soft seats for passengers to sit on. 

Yuba Caro Bike Spicy Curry white kiddo

Yuba Spicy Curry Size Recommendations

The Yuba Spicy Curry and All Terrain models are available in one frame size but can be adjusted to suit riders ranging from 4 foot 7 to 6 foot 4, or 1.45 meters to 1.98 meters. Both the handlebar and seat tube height can be altered to fit riders within the height range. 

Yuba’s size chart provides the following information:

Effective Top Tube = 630mm

Seat Tube = 420mm

Further details can be found under ‘Tech Specs’ here.


Ride or Pass?

The Yuba Spicy Curry and All Terrain electric cargo bikes have a lot to offer.

The Spicy curry positions itself as an alternative to a new car, which it comfortably does.

If you and your family make small journeys in your car, this cargo bike is certainly something to consider. The upgrade to Bosch Cargo line motors has made the Spicy Curry more reliable and with the recent addition of the PowerPack 500 batteries, it can last longer and allow you to ride further.

The bike itself offers superb stability with the lower center of gravity thanks to the small 20” rear wheel, while the 26” front wheel allows riders to comfortably tackle roads and light trails.

The All Terrain model allows you to go further and take your family with you, so if you like being outdoors with your family, this bike can get you there without the expense of a car. 

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