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The Engwe EP 2 Pro 750W electric bike sits right in the middle of the brand’s five-bike lineup, priced at $1,050.

The EP-2 Pro has the signature look of an Engwe eBike and a folding frame like the rest of the models. It’s marketed as a powerful and convenient all-terrain machine with unbeatable value.

We believe it competes well with other 20″ folding fat-tire models like the Lectric XP 3.0 and Ecotric’s fat-tire electric bike by offering a fun and versatile ride.

This Engwe EP-2 review will discuss the bike’s components and characteristics, provide a brief comparison with the Engine Pro, and finish with our ride or pass verdict.

Engwe EP 2 Pro Main Specs:

  • MSRP: $1,050
  • Class: 3, 28 mph
  • Motor: 750W, 55Nm hub (500W controller limit)
  • Battery: 624Wh, 48V
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Gears: 7-speed Shimano Tourney
  • Tires: 20″ x 4″
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Weight: 74 lbs


Engwe EP 2 Pro Review

Fat-tire folding electric bikes like the Engwe EP-2 Pro 750W are some of the most popular on the market.

Engwe Bikes chose fat tires and upright geometry to create a smooth and relaxed ride quality. The all-terrain tires allow you to venture off-road onto gravel trails, grassy fields, and flat forest trails with plenty of grip and stability. That said, the upright geometry isn’t very stable on rough or steep terrain, so pay attention to where you ride.

The EP-2 Pro’s bulky design and heavy weight won’t appeal to everyone, but the low price, ride comfort, broad functionality, and convenience make it an attractive choice.

The electronics provide plenty of power to propel this 74-lb bike and up to 330 lbs of payload. However, the rudimentary hub system can feel clunky and takes some getting used to, but this is expected in this price range.

All things considered, this Engwe electric bike exceeds our expectations and sets a high bar for the $1,050 price range.

Frame, Geometry, and Sizing

Engwe uses a typical aluminum alloy for the EP 2 Pro’s folding frame. The bike folds down in three steps, reducing its length from 67″ to 30″, which is ideal for storing at home.

Unfortunately, Engwe EP 2 Pro’s weight is 74 lbs, meaning it’s difficult to lift, so it’s not the best choice for taking on public transit or in and out of your car’s trunk.

engwe ep-2 pro frame dimensions

Thankfully, the EP-2 Pro has a tidy frame-integrated battery which you can remove by folding the bike. However, the cabling is externally routed.

The geometry of the EP-2 Pro is typical for the 20″ folding bike. It has telescoping handlebars and an upright, relaxed ride position. This geometry is comfortable and agile for urban riding but not very stable off-road, so don’t take on downhills or technical terrain when riding off-road.

Finally, this e-bike comes in one frame size with a massive 18″ height range, fitting 5’2″ to 6’8″, thanks to the highly-adjustable handlebars and seatpost.

Engwe EP-2 Pro Motor, Battery, and Display

This electric bike has impressive electronics, considering the cost. Firstly, you get a 750W hub motor with 960W peak power. The downside is the controller limits you to 500W, so you’d have to upgrade it to get the most out of the motor, a strange decision by Engwe.

The Engwe EP 2 Pro’s range is roughly 25 to 50 miles depending on which one of the three assistance levels you choose, which is more than most other best electric bikes under $1,000.

engwe ep2 pro display and components

As mentioned, the 624Wh battery pack slots neatly into the downtube and can be charged inside or outside the frame. Unfortunately, charging takes a lengthy 6 hours.

The EP-2 Pro has a throttle mode with a 20 mph top speed, and a pedal assist maxes out at around 25 mph. In addition, this system has a cruise control feature activated by pedaling and pushing the throttle into the open position.

One final highlight is the Engwe EP 2 Pro’s display. This large, centrally-mounted computer is clear and allows easy access to settings and ride metrics using the control panel on the left side of the handlebars.


As mentioned, the Engwe EP-2 is a fat tire electric bike. It has lightly-treaded 4″ Chaoyang tires on one-piece 20″ mag wheels.

All the components are entry-level, starting with Shimano’s bottom tier 7-speed Tourney drivetrain and Tektro 160mm rotor mechanical disc brakes. This drivetrain isn’t smooth, and the brakes are not very consistent, but this is expected at this price.

engwe ep2 pro ebike details

Up front, you have a heavy coil fork which doesn’t add much to the shock-absorbent fat tires, and in the rear, you have a pannier rack for carrying cargo. One unique feature of this bike is the folding pedals, which make it more compact for storage.

Other notable components include alloy fenders, LED lights, and a bell. Overall, this is a standard build kit for this type of e-bike. For us, the highlights are the electronics and the solid folding design.

Engwe EP-2 Pro Shipping and Assembly

Engwe eBikes ship for free within the US and for $300 to Canada. The company uses UPS and FedEx for shipping and estimates seven to ten business days for delivery.

The warehouse aims to process your order and provide relevant tracking information within three business days of receipt.

The Engwe EP 2 Pro assembly is tricky and a downside to purchasing this bike. It comes almost completely disassembled, which poses a problem for the average rider who isn’t confident with assembly. Unfortunately, the lack of video resources compounds this issue. There is only one official assembly video online, but it is poor quality and hard to follow.

If you’re not confident doing it yourself, we recommend taking this bike to a local e-bike mechanic for assembly.

Engwe EP-2 Pro vs. Engine Pro

The Engwe EP-2 Pro and Engine Pro are similar in their overall design and functionality. They have the same frame layout and geometry, 20″ wheels, 4″ fat tires, and a full set of commuter components (rack, fenders, and lights).

engwe ep 2 pro vs engine pro

The main differences come in the groupset, suspension, and electronics. Firstly, the Engine Pro has superior hydraulic disc brakes, which are more reliable and have lower maintenance requirements, and an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain. Secondly, you get a full-color display, extra battery capacity (768Wh), and I-ERS battery regeneration technology.

The last major difference is the addition of a non-adjustable rear shock, which, in our opinion, adds unnecessary heft without improving the ride quality.

These differences add up to an extra 9 lbs of weight, a price increase of $400, and a modest performance improvement.

Engwe Engine Pro Full Review

Our Verdict: Ride or Pass?

The Engwe EP 2 Pro 750W definitely gets the thumbs up from us. There are very few bikes in this price range that offer a balance of solid construction with decent performance and versatility.

As you’d expect, the components are entry-level, and you will likely hear some creaks and rattling from time to time, but the punchy motor, respectable range, sleek display, and convenient folding design make for a fun and enjoyable ride. In addition, you can take this Engwe eBike onto different terrains and feel confident in wet conditions thanks to the fat tires and upright geometry.

If you’re in the market for a cheap folding fat tire e-bike, add the Engwe EP-2 Pro to your shortlist.

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