Juiced Scorpion Review: Stylish Moped E-Bike for City Cruising

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The Juiced Scorpion is a stylish getaway bike that will turn heads but not write tickets. Performance, range, and comfortability for anyone and everyone under 6’2’’.

If you find yourself missing the commute and driving to work from all this work-at-home pandemic situation, the traffic is probably making you think again. And well, why wouldn’t it? No one enjoys the traffic, especially if you’re on a bus that’s en route to several bus stops before your place.

While motorcycles might be a hassle to get depending on your state—with the paperwork and legalities—most e-bikes pass through the paperwork without a problem. 

The Scorpion is a class 3 electric moped bike that was recently released. With new generation e-bikes coming out with hefty price tags, the lower cost of Juiced’s Scorpion was greeted with a warm welcome by early enthusiasts. The hype is very understandable, because of the bike’s sleek design and impressive specs.

  • MSRP: $1,699
  • Class: Electric Moped-Style Bike
  • Motor: 7500W Geared Hub Motor (1,300W Peak)
  • Battery: 52V/13Ah
  • Range: 45+ Mile Range

Frameset and Geometry

The Scorpion’s target market has everything they need from a solid frame, comfortable seat, and all-terrain tires. 

This e-bike is already considered heavier than most, at around 77 pounds with the battery installed. However, it makes up for the weight with its classic design, because right off the bat, you can immediately understand the Scorpion’s aesthetic craze. For one, the tires on this are huge, coming in at 4-inches thick.

Juiced’s Scorpion is a moped-style e-bike that looks just like an old school Harley, topped off with the vintage huge circle headlight. It’s a masculine aesthetic, but the bike itself is unisex, so anyone from all genders can ride it to town. 

Admittedly, the rugged-rough vibe looks even better with women riders—but that’s our submissive bias speaking.

Unfortunately, Juiced does advertise that anyone above 5’2’’ can ride the bike, but this doesn’t hold up with most user reviews. Generally speaking, after reading hundreds of online reviews and forum threads, anyone above 6’2” just has a hard time with the bike, even after the extra money for the extended seat. I’d safely recommend the Scorpion for anyone 6’ and below, but feel free to play with it and take it for a test drive at your local dealership if you’re any taller than that. 

While the height limit might seem off-putting, the bike can support anyone lighter than most gamers at a 275lbs max capacity. 

The good news is that it doesn’t feel as heavy as it is when you’re actually riding the bike. Turning is sharp and maneuvering around the city with it is just as easy as a regular bicycle. 


Motor and Battery

Juiced Scorpion battery

The Scorpion Bike Motor and Battery (52 Volts/13Ah). Photo Credit: Juiced Bikes, California

For those of you who speak electric motors, the Scorpion comes with a 750W Geared Hub Motor (1,300W Peak) which brings the e-bike up to a max speed of 28 mph. Although the motor is powerful, in the context of a heavy e-bike, it doesn’t quite provide as much of an accelerated kick as you would expect.

This admittedly does generate quite a disappointment with some reviews, because the accelerating experience is not as exciting as the Scorpion looks like (a Harley). But honestly, considering that e-bikes are currently driveable without paperwork, having one that looks like a motorcycle and speeds up like one is kind of pushing the envelope. 

Many prefer the simple pleasure of having a good-looking bike with the acceleration and drive quality of a standard e-bike ride.

On a side note: thankfully, reviews have pointed out that the Scorpion doesn’t get pulled over by policemen. So, if you were worried about getting pulled over for the wrong impression—it shouldn’t be an issue.

The 52V/13Ah battery lasts about 45+ miles according to Juiced, but don’t expect the full 45-mile experience at full speed. Electric vehicles trade mileage over acceleration all the time, so take these metrics with a grain of salt.

You can charge the Scorpion with its standard 2 Amp Charger that’s included in the package.



Hailed as a high-end e-bike at a mid-range price, the Scorpion is made up of a lot of premium, high-quality components.

Juiced 7 speed transmission

Shimano Free Wheel 7-Speed Transmission. Photo Credit: Juiced Bikes, California.

First off, the transmission is a 7-speed Shimano Freewheel, which makes it fairly easy to move between gears. The 7 modes include 0, Eco, 1, 2, 3, Sport, and Race mode (which you unlocked to get to that advertised 28mph class 3 e-bike speed). This is assisted with Cadence Pedal Assists sensors, which means you only need to pedal a little bit to get around 20 mph on the e-bike. 

For comfortability, you’re greeted with a comfortable saddle seat that offers way more space than an average bicycle seat. Together with the 4-inch ‘Mag’ wheel and dual suspension, you’re pretty much sitting on air while riding through gravel roads. Juiced also offers an off-road package, for those of you who want to take that road—literally.

The Tektro 180mm and 160mm hydraulic disc brakes offer a far stronger and reliable braking system, which is crucial for an e-bike this heavy. Additionally, the large LED headlight illuminates the road at 2,000 lumens, which is a big plus for safety and night driving. 

Electric bike display

Advanced LCD Display. Photo Credit: Juiced Bikes, California.

You’ll also get an LCD display with a speedometer and a bunch of other customizable software features. 

These components are definitely up there for the price it’s being sold at, which is something customers have been quick to point out. It’s a high-end e-bike at a price range that’s too good to be true. 


Style and Aesthetic

Alright, we must admit that this isn’t really a feature per se, but the bike is absolutely gorgeous, and you’ve got to give it credit for the idea behind the design. 

E-bikes don’t have to feel like a thin and futuristic piece of metal. Juiced did a great job emulating the aesthetic of old vintage motorcycles, which for non-motorcyclists but for e-bike riders is an experience in and of itself! 

There are tons of people out there who wouldn’t touch a motorcycle, but would happily make the compromise for the Juiced Scorpion. 

While some people might find it a con, the heavy weight does add to the overall feel of the bike. Yes, it feels light when you’re finally moving—but when it’s stationary—you can’t help but feel like a badass.


Next Level Brakes

Okay, we’ve got to give this one proper credit. The brakes on the Scorpion are overkill compared to other e-bikes on the market.

Although you can say that it’s inevitable for such a heavy bike to have a strong brake, the Scorpion took that responsibility and went further. The 180mm (front) and 160mm (rear) Tektro hydraulic disc brakes ensure that the e-bike will stop when you want it to stop

If you’re familiar with riding around the city and commuting to work with a bike, you know just how crucial a good brake is.

Fast, far, and fast-charging?

Not only does the Scorpion take you where you want to go, but it also has a built-in charging port for your phone!

Granted it isn’t the first e-bike to have this idea, but it’s a welcome feature on any e-bike. Being able to charge your phone on the go is an underrated asset. Without it, you’d have to rely on finding an outlet at your destination or carrying a bag with your powerbank. 

When you’re out and about for errands and whatnot, sometimes the extra baggage of carrying a bag all the time gets tiresome quickly. Don’t get us started on the back sweats. Yuck.


Ride Feel and Suggested Use

Juiced front light

Ride in Comfort and Style. Photo Credit: Juiced Bikes, California

The aesthetic look of the bike does admittedly take away from the ride experience, since the Scorpion looks like something that accelerates quickly. But if you can look past the psychological placebo of its classic moped design, the ride quality is pretty smooth.

Hydraulics keep you stationary during speed bumps, and the huge tires work great when you’re paddling on gravel or cobblestone. It isn’t quite an off-road bike off the shelf, so if you’re into that, then you’ll want to buy the off-road package. 

Important note: Remember that the bike itself is heavy. If you lose power a couple of miles out from home, take it from us when we say it isn’t a fun bike to paddle without any motor assistance. Measure your mileage conservatively, so you don’t have to drag a 77-pound bicycle home.



The Scorpion arrives at your doorstep or can be picked up from the shop pre-assembled. There’s no assembly that you have to do right off the bat to get the e-bike to work, but other features like the extended seat do need to be assembled on your own if you don’t buy it beforehand. 


You Might Also Ask

  • Are Juiced bikes any good?

Juiced bikes have great build-quality, range, performance, and acceleration. For the price it’s sold at, it was initially considered too good to be true by some. Regardless, the company has stood the test of time, and their e-bikes are one of the best for their price range.

  • Where are Juiced bikes made?

Juiced bikes are designed, manufactured, and basically made in San Diego. The exact address is 1669 Brandywine Ave ste a, Chula Vista, CA 91911, United States.

  • Where can I buy Juiced bikes?

You can purchase a Juiced bike on Amazon, from their website, and even in local dealerships if they have one in stock.

  • Does the Juiced Scorpion fit tall people?

The company advertises that anyone above 5’2’’ can ride the e-bike, but most reviews online from riders who are taller than 6’2’’ find it an uncomfortable ride. Juiced offers an extended seat for taller riders, but the overall experience still feels odd according to some.

  • Do electric bikes charge when you pedal?

No, they do not. The technology for that is much too far without making the entire ride itself difficult on your legs. On the other hand, you can recover some energy and power from regenerative braking. 

  • Is Juiced a good brand?

Juiced has been around since 2009, and the Scorpion itself was released back in March 2020. Although it’s a new product, there’s definitely been a lot of good reviews for it.

  • Does the Juiced Scorpion have an adjustable seat?

You can purchase an extension seat for your Scorpion for $65 to make it taller for you to sit on. This has helped riders who are past 6 feet tall, but the riding is still not as comfortable as they would hope.



Attached above is the specific measurements of all the parts in the Scorpion. This was taken from Juiced’s official website and specific sheet, so this should give you a good idea of how big this e-bike is.

The fit has been one of the biggest reasons as to why taller gentlemen and women don’t make the purchase. Although it advertises a 5’2’’ and taller demographic, with the extended chair seat to boot, most reviews online just find it uncomfortable to ride on when you’re past 6 feet tall. 


Ride or Pass?

Definitely a Ride.

The Scorpion is already a great deal on paper for the price it’s being sold at, especially against its other competitions. Now, if you dig the aesthetic of the e-bike itself, then that’s a completely huge plus. Juiced has outdone themselves with the e-bike itself.

Truth be told, it doesn’t genuinely feel like a bicycle, but the more robust frame does not sacrifice versatility when maneuvering and accelerating. At the same time, you can rest assured that the headlight—brighter than my future at 2,000 lumens—and the motorcycle-class brakes are both going to keep you safe.

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