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Pedego Stretch is an electric cargo bicycle able to haul up to 400 lbs of cargo or passengers and completely replace your car on a day-to-day basis. 

Pedego Stretch is a fully-equipped long-tail e-cargo bicycle that has the capacity to become the go-to vehicle in your garage. It has loads of carrying capacity, an abundance of accessories, and plenty of power to keep going no matter the terrain.

  • A quiet and powerful 500W rear hub motor.
  • Choose between a 48V 13Ah or 17Ah battery for maximum range.
  • Adjustable side and back racks are able to accommodate different types of cargo.
  • Four colors are available: Black, Marine Blue, Olive Green, or Red.
  • Bright front and rear lights included for nighttime riding.
  • The bike assists the rider with five pedal-assist levels and a twist-and-go throttle.

Pedego Stretch is built for comfort and practicality in everyday use. Pedego markets it as a cargo bicycle, but it is actually a comfort cruiser with the ability to carry a lot of extra weight.

Therefore, it can be the right e-bike for you even if you just want to get from point A to point B comfortably, take your kids along, or carry groceries from a weekly shopping.

  • MSRP: From $3,995
  • Class: Class 2
  • Motor: 500W geared rear hub
  • Battery: 48V 13Ah or 17Ah
  • Range: 25–55 miles (estimated)
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Frameset, Geometry

Pedego Stretch electric cargo bike


Pedego Stretch has a practical and adjustable frameset made from lightweight aluminum and paired with a rigid high tensile steel fork.

The frame is optimized for 24″ wheels, so it sits closer to the ground compared to a regular bicycle. This is important because it lowers the center of gravity, improves stability, and makes it easier to load the bike with cargo.

Stretch comes with an integrated long-tail rear rack and a removable front rack. Together, they give this e-bike a carrying capacity of 400 lbs, which is the average you’d expect from a bicycle of this kind.

The bike is built around a step-through frame which makes it easy to mount and dismount even when fully loaded. The sweptback handlebar is quite close to the saddle, so the geometry puts the rider in a comfortable upright position.

Pedego Stretch has a very long wheelbase—77.25″ end to end—so it feels very stable to ride and corners swiftly. The only downside is that the bike weighs between 85 lb. and 98 lb., depending on the battery size and the type you choose.


Pedego Stretch Motor and Battery

Pedego Stretch Battery and Motor

Pedego Stretch is equipped with a pretty standard brushless geared rear hub 500W motor with 45Nm of torque. This exact motor can be seen on many other Pedego bikes, as it has proven to have plenty of power and agility.

Stretch can provide you assistance with one of the five pedal-assist levels or with the override throttle. No matter in which pedal-assist level you are, if you twist the throttle, the bike will accelerate up to 20 mph, which is the maximum speed. This is great for battling hills and starting to pedal from a full stop.

Pedego Stretch is a very heavy bicycle, so don’t expect to easily reach the maximum assisted speed up a steep hill. On moderate hills and flats, the 500W motor will pull you with ease.

Pedego offers two battery sizes for this bike—a 48V 13Ah or 17Ah battery pack. The battery is mounted behind the seat tube and comes with a lock, a charge indicator, and an on/off button. When you stop riding, it’s not enough to turn the bike off on the controller, you also have to switch the battery off manually to prevent it from draining power unnecessarily.

The 3.5″ backlit LCD screen has four buttons to control the bike and features a USB charging port. It shows you all the necessary info about your ride and lets you change some of the settings, such as the top speed.



When it comes to the components, Pedego Stretch underdelivers slightly considering the ~$4,000 price tag. It boasts a Shimano Acera 7-speed rear derailleur and a pair of Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes.

While these are solid components that offer reliable performance, they are entry-level and require more frequent adjustments. Having Shimano Alivio and hydraulic disc brakes would make more sense in this price category.

If you plan to mostly do short to moderate rides, without too many extremely steep hills, you’ll be quite happy with the mix of components found on Pedego Stretch.

In addition, Pedego Stretch rolls on double-wall aluminum rims and 24″ x 2.4″ tires that feel very smooth and comfortable. They give you lots of grip and a large contact area which is crucial if you plan to load this bike heavy.


Cargo Area

If you’re buying Pedego Stretch, you’re probably doing it because of its cargo area. Perhaps you want to ride more and drive less, without having to carry less, and this bike will allow you to do that.

It comes with both a front and a rear rack that can carry child seats, panniers, baskets, a passenger cushion, and whatever else you can fit on them.

The front rack is fixed to the frame and does not move with the handlebar. This will be an advantage for some riders and a drawback for others, depending on what you’re used to.

The rear rack includes footrests and a back brace that can be moved or flipped around to accommodate cargo of different shapes and sizes. You can also equip it with a cushioned seat that would allow you to carry a passenger on the back. A wheel skirt is also included, which will keep stuff from getting caught up in the wheel.

Additionally, you can equip the rear rack with passenger rails that come in handy if you regularly take your kids for a ride or want to further secure your cargo.


Pedego Stretch Assembly

To assemble Pedego Stretch, the first thing you need to do is to insert the stem into the frame. Place your thumb on the black locking mechanism on top of the stem, push up and lift the lever up exposing the adjustment screws. Tighten the screw clockwise once you’re happy with the height and the handlebar is aligned with the front wheel.

Next, attach the pedals with the 15mm wrench, paying attention to the correct side designation (“R” for right, “L” for left).

Pedego’s bikes come almost fully assembled out-of-the-box. Riders only need to do a few additional steps before they can start riding.

You can now attach the footrests and the backrest to the rear rack and insert the battery into its place. Do this by lifting up the seat by pressing the lever on the rear of the saddle to create room to insert and remove the battery.

You are now pretty much ready to go. Just make sure to check if the battery is charged and the brakes and the derailleur are properly adjusted.


You Might Also Ask

Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions below!

  • How fast can Pedego Stretch go?

Pedego Stretch is a Class 2 electric cargo bicycle, so its maximum pedal-assisted speed is 20 mph. However, you can increase the top speed on the controller up to 25 mph. You can also pedal faster than that if your legs are strong enough.

  • Is Pedego Stretch a good bike?

Yes, Pedego Stretch is a good cargo bike that can do a variety of things. It has a 400 lb. payload capacity and a very practical design. There are some drawbacks as well, such as the entry-level components, but these don’t detract too much from its practicality and ride quality.

  • Where are Pedego bikes made?

Pedego Bikes are made in Asia. The company has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China.

  • Is Pedego Stretch worth the money?

Yes, Pedego Stretch is worth the money as it provides an excellent value for the money. There are cheaper e-cargo bikes out there, but they don’t provide as much customizability, nor as good of a warranty and customer support. Pedego Stretch has a great bang for the buck.

  • How much weight can Pedego Stretch carry?

Pedego Stretch can carry up to 400 lbs—rider, passenger(s), and cargo included. Just make sure to arrange the cargo evenly around the bike so as not to affect its stability.


Pedego Stretch Sizes

Pedego Stretch comes with a one-size-fits-all frame that’s suitable for riders who are 5’3″ tall and up. Unfortunately, the company does not specify the maximum recommended rider height. However, we’ve read reviews of owners who claimed they were 6’4″ and were still able to ride the bike.

Pedego Stretch Geometry Chart

The Stretch cargo bike does feature an adjustable stem that will let you choose the best handlebar position. You can also adjust the seat tube height easily with a quick-release lever. Therefore, you should be able to find the right fit unless you are a very short or a very tall person.


Pedego Stretch Accessories

The accessory package Pedego Stretch comes with is excellent. It gets you your money’s worth, though there’s always room for improvement. The list of accessories includes:

  • Front and rear racks
  • Front and rear color-matching fenders
  • Footrests and a backrest
  • A dual-leg kickstand
  • A chainguard and a wheel skirt
  • Front and rear lights
  • A suspended seat post
  • An adjustable stem

As you can see, the list of standard accessories is quite long. The only point of improvement we see is with the headlight which is placed on the fork. This makes the bike less visible from the right side because the wheel obscures the headlight. However, this was the only place where they could place the light because of the front rack.

Additionally, you can visit Pedego’s official website and personalize your Stretch with more accessories, such as:

  • Passenger Rails ($79.95),
  • Additional Passenger Package (From $59),
  • Wood Package ($100),
  • Baskets, panniers, bags, and more.

Other Models:


Bottom Line: Ride or Pass?

Pedego Stretch starts at $3,995 with the 48V 13Ah battery and tops at $4,295 with the 48V 17Ah battery. These price tags put it right in the middle of the average price range for electric cargo bikes. It’s neither the cheapest nor the most expensive such bike on the market.

If you need a capable electric cargo bike with a smart design, a strong motor and battery, and excellent accessories and practical solutions, Pedego Stretch is a good choice. It will easily replace your car for most daily tasks, including grocery shopping and taking your kids to school.

The entry-level components, such as mechanical disc brakes and the Acera rear derailleur, are apparent drawbacks, but they won’t make a big difference in ride quality for the majority of average riders out there.

Plus, with every Pedego bike, buyers benefit from a humongous dealership network (more than 120 stores in the US), which makes future servicing incredibly easy.

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