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Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the largest electric bicycle brands in the United States, helping tens of thousands of people get off the couch, putting them on e-bikes, and out on the open road.

Pedego’s main motto is “hello, fun…” which pretty much sums up what you get with one of its bikes. They’re fun to ride, simple to use, well-made, and also look good.

If you’re thinking about getting one of Pedego’s attractive e-bikes, you should first read our detailed review. We’ll tell you all about the brand, the lineup, important features, and answer some common questions you’ve been sending our way.

Let’s (Pede)Go!

Overview of Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego Electric Bikes, like many other successful brands out there, began as a solution to a big problem. Once upon a time, the e-bike market was not as saturated as it is today with different manufacturers, types, models, and technologies.

The biggest problems were the quality of bikes, the boring, uniform design, and the inexistence of customer service. They still are for many people. In comes Don Dicostanzo, adamant to change that, and founds Pedego in 2008.

Today, Pedego has more than 120 locally-owned stores and produces 20+ models of modern and powerful electric bikes. They fall into four categories:

  • Cruiser
  • City
  • Off-Road
  • Specialty


These are not necessarily the cheapest bikes on the market, even though Pedego does have a few excellent budget models for those with limited funds. Nonetheless, a great customer support system and reliable components come with a price.

Pedego also has clever marketing techniques, as you can see in one of their commercials with William Shatner:

So if you want to get the cheapest e-bike, there are definitely more affordable choices. If you want to get an e-bike from a reputable brand that’s known to treat customers as family, Pedego is the way to go.

What We Like About Pedego E-Bikes

Before diving into Pedego’s model lineup, let’s talk a bit more about the brand and what’s good and not so good about it.

Reasons to buy:

  • Excellent dealer network and hard-to-beat customer support.
  • Great value for money reflected in the components and quality.
  • Easy-to-ride low-step frames with upright geometry.
  • Pedal-assist and throttle on most bikes, with adjustable top-speed settings.
  • A functional design with numerous accessories, wide tires, and disc brakes.
  • A wide variety of e-bike categories available.
  • Most models are available in multiple colors.
  • Powerful motors and high-capacity batteries. Free battery upgrade available for some models.


Reasons to avoid:

  • More expensive than the market’s average for a similarly spec’d e-bike.
  • Heavier than ideal. The bikes weigh 50–60 lbs on average.
  • The design leaves something to be desired. The batteries are not integrated on most models.

Popular Pedego E-Bike Models

Part of Pedego’s success lies in the fact that it provides a diversity of models but caters to the needs of riders looking for comfort.

Pedego’s e-bikes come in four different categories. They are characterized by upright geometries, low-step frames, comfy saddles, and wide tires. Sure, there are models with step-over frames and faster tires, and even tandems and trikes, but these are in minority.

Let’s take a closer look.

Pedego Cruisers

Relaxed upright e-bikes for everyday rides on bike paths, to the store, or around town.

  • Comfort Cruiser – From $1,995 – A simple and stylish cruiser bike built with comfort in mind. It comes with a rear hub motor, a large battery, and multiple gears. It’s available as both a step-over and a step-through electric bike.


  • Interceptor – From $2,995 – A good-looking cruiser bike with a step-through frame and modern design. Its 500W motor and throttle will send you flying around town. The Interceptor Platinum model is available as well, starting from $3,995.


  • Boomerang – From $2,995 – This is an attractive low-step electric bike with ‘boomerang’ wheels and a design that stands out. It’s one of the most powerful e-bikes on the market, with great accessories and quality components. Check out the Boomerang Platinum model as well starting from $3,995


  • Ford Super Cruiser – From $3,695 – This is one of the most beautiful e-bikes in Pedego’s lineup. It’s an official Ford Electric Bike with a breathtaking design and even better performance.


Pedego City EBikes

Fast and snappy electric bicycles ideal for commuting or running errands in the city. This category also includes a few utilitarian models, such as a folding and a cargo e-bike.

  • City Commuter (Our In-Depth Review) – From $2,995 – A straightforward hybrid/commuter bike that’s ideal for urban dwellers looking to become faster and more efficient. It boasts a combination of comfort and practicality and comes in three additional variations:


  • Stretch (Our In-Depth Review)– From $4,295 – This is a unique cargo bike with a massive 400 lbs capacity. It comes with integrated front and rear racks, and a reinforced frame design. It also has a strong motor operated by pedal-assist and a throttle.


  • Latch – From $2,795 – A folding electric bike with 20″ wheels and adjustable geometry. This is the ultimate urban commuter and the best e-bike for those with limited storage space.


  • Conveyor – From $4,995 – If you hate maintenance, this is the Pedego e-bike for you. A hybrid model that features a belt drive instead of a chain, a mid-drive motor, and a smoothly integrated battery.


Pedego Off-Road

If you need more excitement in your life, you can look for it away from smooth, paved roads. Check out Pedego’s Off-Road category for e-bikes with fat tires and capable suspension that can go anywhere.

  • Element – From $1,495 – This is the cheapest e-bike Pedego makes. Element is a versatile fat bike with 20″ x 4″ wheels, a low-step frame, and a fun appearance and ride feel.


  • Trail Tracker – From $2,695 – A proper electric fat bike with massive tires and a sturdy frame, both of which can take a lot of abuse. The 500W motor is unstoppable, the battery is integrated into the frame, and the throttle can help you out of any mud. Check out the Trail Tracker Gorilla model for even more power.


  • Ridge Rider – From $3,995 – If you want a well-equipped e-mountain bike with front suspension and wide, knobby tires, Ridge Rider is the one. It’s ideal for trails, and gravel and dirt roads, which its 500W motor will ride over with ease.


  • Elevate – From $5,495 – The only full-suspension e-bike Pedego makes and the most expensive model as well. It features a Shimano mid-drive motor and capable RockShox suspension.


Pedego Specialty Bikes

Apart from the traditional types of e-bikes, Pedego also makes some more unique types that meet the needs of certain people. This category consists of a trike and a tandem bike that look good and ride even better.

  • Trike (Our In-Depth Overview)– From $2,995 – An e-bike that offers optimal comfort and stability. It’s ideal for elderly riders and those who have stability issues. It has a comfortable lean-back saddle, a cargo area, and an upright geometry.


  • Tandem – From $1995 – Rides are best when shared. That’s why Pedego has built one of the only Tandem e-bikes on the market. Get it if you want to ride with friends or family members and have incredible fun.


E-Bike Classes, Motors, and Batteries

When it comes to the Classes and electric components, Pedego offers a wide variety of choices. Most of their bikes are Class 2 e-bikes, which means they offer both pedal-assistance and throttle. The maximum assisted speed is 20 mph. However, there are also Class 1 e-bikes that offer only pedal-assistance modes, such as the Elevate FS model.

Pedego e-bikes are usually equipped with 500W rear hub or mid-drive motors. These generally output 35-45Nm of torque, but there are a few exceptions that develop up to 90Nm of torque, such as the Conveyor model. The 500W is the nominal output, whereas the motor peak output goes up to 1,058W.

Depending on the price range you choose, you’ll get a 36V or a 48V battery with either 10 or 15 AMP hours. With some models, you can even choose what battery you want the bike to come with, which is a big plus. You can expect to get a 25-80 mile range, depending on how you ride and which battery you get.

Pedego’s bikes also feature practical backlit LCD displays that let you control the bike. These can be monochrome or colored and come with a USB charging port to keep your devices topped up.

Frame Design

Pedego bikes unique frame design

Pedego stands out from the crowd because its bikes feature a pretty unique frame design. Pedego combines aluminum frames and steel forks to achieve maximum cost and weight efficiency. This choice also ensures the best possible comfort and attractive looks.

The bikes are characterized by having oversized tubes that make Pedego e-bikes sturdy, durable, and give them a high payload capacity. They’re also usually available in several colors, which is a plus.

Depending on your preferences, you can get a model with a step-over or a step-thru frame, and there are low-step and folding frames available as well.


Almost all models in Pedego’s lineup are multi-gear models with high-quality Shimano components. Most models come with 7 gears, but some have up to 11 gears, such as the Elevate full-suspension e-bike.

The wide gear range makes Pedego bikes good for climbing and riding on different types of terrain. The Conveyor model is an exception, as it has an internal gear hub and a belt drive that require virtually no maintenance.

All Pedego bikes also boast powerful mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes that offer good stopping performance no matter the conditions.

Depending on the model of your choice, you can also expect to get some handy accessories. These include a kickstand, lights, fenders, a chain guard, racks, and more.

Pedego Bike Reviews

Pedego is the biggest e-bike retailer in the USA for a good reason. They have excellent user reviews on popular platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and on their website.

What people like the most about Pedego e-bikes is the ease of use, warranty, and good customer support. Pedego has a huge dealership network in the US. Thus, it’s incredibly easy to service your bike or get help with anything you need.

Pedego’s bikes are generally most popular with older folks. That’s because they don’t worry too much about getting the most modern design or the best performance around. They worry about practicality, reliability, and comfort.

Check out what Electrek had to say about Pedego Element in a video review on YouTube:

Bottom Line – Who Are Pedego E-Bikes For?

So, to sum things up, Pedego does not make the cheapest or the best-looking e-bikes you can buy. However, Pedego has built its success on the premise that their bikes are incredibly fun, practical, versatile, and easy to ride.

If you want an electric bike that will not give you a headache and will get the job done when you need it to, a Pedego model is a good choice.

Accessible frames, quality Shimano components, powerful electronics, and great accessories are all features that make Pedego e-bikes worth the money.

Older people, people with injuries, and those living in hilly areas will appreciate the throttle available on most models. Plus, the wide tires that instill confidence and bathe you with comfort will appeal to such riders as well.

People Were Also Looking For:

Looking for a quick answer to a specific question? Check out the FAQ section or ask us in the Comments Section below!

Where are Pedego bikes made?

Pedego Electric Bikes are made in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China. This is a common practice that most bicycle manufacturers employ nowadays. It allows them to cut down on costs and provide their customers with a cheaper final product.

What do Pedego bikes cost?

Pedego bikes are generally more expensive than what the e-bike market average price range dictates. The cheapest model costs $1,495, whereas the most expensive model is $5,495. The average price tag on a Pedego Bike is around $2,000-$2,500.

How dependable are Pedego e-bikes?

Pedego bikes are very dependable. The company fits its bikes with quality electrical components, powerful motors, and high-capacity batteries. Other components are usually sourced from Shimano, RockShox, and Tektro, which are renowned brands as well. The company also offers excellent customer support, with a no-questions-asked approach.

Pedego vs Rad Power Bikes

Pedego and Rad Power bikes are similar at first glance, though Rad Power e-bikes are cheaper on average. It equips its e-bikes with some better components, which is why some of its models are more expensive. Overall, Rad Power provides better value for money, but its customer support is not on par with Pedego’s. Therefore, you need to decide what’s most important to you when choosing which one to buy.

Is Pedego the best electric bike?

Pedego Electric Bikes is the most popular e-bike brand in the USA and the biggest e-bike retailer in the USA. It is not the best brand out there, but it stands out because it provides outstanding value for money. It builds high-quality e-bikes made to roll for thousands of miles. Therefore, you will not make a mistake if you get one.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Pedego Bikes?

If Pedego bikes are not exactly what you’re looking for, one of the following brands might fit your needs better:

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10 reviews for Pedego Electric Bikes Review

  1. JC Bever

    Hi, I would like to know what company manufactures the rear hub motors for Pedego. I know companies like Trek & Specialized use Bosch and Brose which are high quality mid mounted motors. Giant uses Yamaha which is also of high quality. Thanks, JC

  2. Charles GAPUTIS

    Just starting to learn about e- bikes. There is a local Pedego dealership. With the myriad of choices on line, this review helped me realize that the customer support will be a big factor in my final decision. Don’t feel I’m going to need the ultimate bike and Pedego should fit my needs fine for a day trip.

  3. Thomas Fields

    Thanks for your review. Was unsure about buying the Boomerang Platinum, with bikes out there costing less. But, as you stated, customer service is probably the most important to us. I even made a call about an issue I had. Called Pedego dealer, no one answered the phone, but for the first time I can remember, a company I bought from actually called me back!!!
    Troubleshot over phone, fixed issue.

    I have no regrets with purchase and you article was a big help. Thanks again

    Thinking about buying a second one for ME!!

    This review is posted on the 2nd time I read your review to reinforce my thoughts on 2nd bike.

  4. Larry Heng

    Video was very informative and I found out that Pedego sold an E Bike for $1500. My price range.

  5. Conrad babin

    These bikes are too expensive I did buy one but advise others to shop around first. You can but two for the price of one. At campgrounds I tell people to shop around and I give them another brand name to look at. As long as I own this bike I will do what ever I can to let people know to shop around at another company


    I bought the Pedego Element over a year from Mike over in Jackson Hole WY. because I wanted a dealer near by for parts and service, and Mike delivered in spades! I’ve been a competitive road and mt. biker for 40years and at almost 70 I still love to ride single tracks an down hill. I ride ride year round up in the Teton Mts. studded tires, tire chains on the back and a custom made front ski on the front and cruise up our unplowed road up to 8″ of snow. The short wheel base of the Element and 20″ knobby tires are awesome on tight single track and that quick twist for that added boost makes it a dream trail rider. So, don’t believe those reviews from the “elite” mtn. bike reviews and the trad mtn. bike designs, this baby will more than keep up, especially in those tight tech. trails…they’ll be wondering where you went as you climb out of sight…just say’n.

  7. Ed

    Unsafe at any speed. Just purchased a Boomerange Patinum edition. Here in Canada it cost just under $6000.00.
    At first I loved it plenty of power and decent handling. Then I hit a pebble on a paved pathway. About 1 inch in diameter rock. The bike oscillated to the point it was uncontrollable. The step through design allows the bike frame to twist causing the oscillation. I also noticed when going into and out of rutted pavement or over logitudinal joints it does the same thing. Test drive one, at only a very slow speed do a quick change of directions on the handlebars and you will see the results of a poorly designed bike.
    A killer, Pedego should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. Kevin Yates

    The tires are not very good. I bought two of these bikes and only have about 29 miles on them and have two flats on one and one on the other. Please help

  9. Paul miller

    Spokes break frequently so it’s expensive to maintain and you lose time on the bike. I have a 29 inch Interceptor Platinum.
    Just about any other brand is better!

  10. Jenniffer R Collins

    I have the avenue pedego and love it has peddle assist and I have drp foot helps me to get exercise and I can put it on 6and cruise


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