BMX Bike Size Chart & Calculator

bmx bike size chart

As with any other type of bike, choosing the right BMX bike size is crucial for the best performance and comfort.

You can do so easily with our Calculator and BMX Bike Size Chart below by using your height to determine the correct size.


What Size BMX Do I Need?

what size bmx bike to get

To determine the right BMX frame size for your height, there are two things you need to consider:

  • Wheel size
  • Top tube length

Most BMX bikes come with 20″ wheels, which is the standard BMX wheel size, while the larger frames may use 24″ tires (cruiser class BMX bikes). Kids’ BMX bikes may come with smaller wheels, from 12″ to 18″.

When figuring out the right BMX frame size, only the rider’s height is important. You can start by entering your height in the calculator below!


1. BMX Bike Size Calculator

The calculator you see below lets you get the right kids’ or adult BMX bike size in seconds.

All you need to do is choose your gender and age (child or adult), enter your height, and the calculator will do its magic.

You will be taken to a new page that recommends the right top tube length based on your height and creates a printable sheet that you can take with you to the shop.

Give it a try!


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2. BMX Bike Size Chart

Another way in which you can determine what size BMX you need is by consulting an in-depth BMX size chart that we've created below, for race and freestyle BMX bikes.

We've included wheel size and top tube length recommendations based on your height, which is the best starting point for getting the perfect fit. 

BMX Race Sizing Chart BMX Freestyle Sizing Chart
Rider Height Frame Size Toptube Length Wheel Size Toptube Length
Recommended Rider Height
4'4" & under Micro 15" - 16.3" 12" 12" - 13" 2'4" to 3'
4'2" - 4'10" Mini 16.2" - 17.3" 14" 14" - 14.7" 2'8" to 3'6"
4'6" - 5'1" Junior 17.2" - 18.3" 16" 16" - 16.7" 3'2" to 4'
5'0" - 5'4" Expert 18.2" - 19.3" 18" 18" - 18.7" 3'10" to 4'8"
5'2" - 5'6" Expert XL 19.2" - 20.3" 20" 18.5" - 20.5" 4'8" to 5'2"
5'3" - 5'8" Pro 20.2" - 20.8" 20" 20" 5' to 5'4"
5'7" - 6' Pro XL 20.6" - 21.5" 20" 20.25" 5'2" to 5'6"
6' & over Pro XXL 21.2" - 22" 20" 20.5" 5'4" to 5'8"
      20" 20.75" 5'6" to 6'
      20" 21" 5'8" to 6'2"
      20" 21.25" 6' +


Frequently Asked Questions

bmx bikes faq

1. What size of BMX bike do I need?

To determine what size of BMX you need, you should first measure your body height and then use a BMX size calculator or a BMX frame size chart. BMX sizes are determined based on wheel size and top tube length, though top-tube length is a much more important number to consider.

2. What age is a 20-inch BMX bike for?

A BMX bike with 20" wheels is the right size for adult riders, as this is the standard wheel size for all adult Race and Freestyle BMX bicycles. BMX bikes with 24" wheels are called cruiser BMX bikes, whereas those with smaller wheels are intended for kids. 

3. Is a 20-inch BMX bike small?

No, a 20-inch BMX bike is not small; in fact, this is the standard wheel size for all Race and Freestyle adult models. When determining which adult BMX bike size to get, you should focus on the top tube length rather than on the wheel size. The wheel size is important if you're purchasing a kids' BMX bike.

4. Are all BMX bikes 20 inch?

All race-style BMX bikes come with 20-inch wheels, which is the standardized wheel size for this type of bike. However, cruiser BMX bikes, intended for leisure riding, come with 24" (and larger) wheels, whereas kids' BMX bikes have 12"-18" wheels. 

5. What age is a 24-inch BMX for?

A 24-inch BMX bike is the right fit for adult riders or teens, depending on the frame size. Some adult cruiser BMX bikes have 24" wheels, but some kids' BMX bikes also have 24" wheels, which is why it's important to determine the frame size by measuring the top tube length.


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