Brompton Electric Bikes Review: Ultimate Folding Electric Bikes

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Brompton is a company that prides itself on its hand-crafted folding bicycles that reflect the unique culture of London. Considered as the UK’s largest bicycle manufacturer, Brompton continues to provide consumers with excellent quality bicycles and e-bikes.

The company is based in London, a city where e-bikes have become a very popular mode of transportation. Brompton currently has six different e-bike models, with costs ranging from $3,700 to $4,950.

Brompton’s origin can be traced back to 1975, where a man named Andrew Ritchie designed a folding bicycle in his apartment. He lived in front of the Brompton Observatory, which inspired him to use the name for his unique bike.

With each component crafted by hand, Bromptons continue to be considered one of the most reliable e-bikes, not just in London, but also around the entire world.

The Brompton bicycles became popular because they were compact and foldable. The company eventually started full-time production in 1988, awards were given for the Brompton bike’s innovative design, and the rest is history.

Known for their craftiness and innovation, Brompton continued research and development to take their folding bicycles to the next level. In 2017, the company released a brand new line of electric bikes, taking a bite at the future of bicycles.


Overview of Brompton Electric Bikes

brompton e-bikes are portable and lightweight

Brompton e-bikes are perfect for city commutes

Brompton has recently expanded outside the UK to give their e-bikes a global presence. What makes Brompton different from other bicycle companies is in the design of their folding bikes, and the intricate amount of detail put into them. Each individual component has a unique stamp from the craftsman that built it by hand.

The company’s goal has always been a simple one: to change the way people travel across the city. Traveling on a handcrafted, folding e-bike gives people a unique sense of freedom and independence.

Customers that choose Brompton e-bikes have nine different variants to choose from. The components and dimensions vary for each e-bike model, but they all share the iconic foldable design that Brompton is known for.


What We Like About Brompton Electric Bikes

Brompton E-Bike M2L Bolt Blue Lacquer

Brompton M2L Bolt Blue Lacquer e-bike

We give credit to Brompton for sticking to its innovative design throughout the years. However unique they look compared to other brands, there are certain points that they could definitely improve on. We listed down the things that we find good and bad about the Brompton e-bikes.


  • The frame and other major components are sturdy but lightweight, which is important because folding these e-bikes means carrying them by hand.
  • The foldable design of the e-bike makes it easy to stow away for transport or safekeeping.
  • The handling is smooth and easy across flat, paved roads.
  • When folding the e-bike, you can choose to keep the battery attached or remove it to further reduce its weight.
  • A hand pump is integrated into the e-bike frame.
  • There is no additional resistance for the rider when the battery is turned off.
  • There’s a 7-year warranty that covers any material or manufacturing defects, provided that you registered your e-bike to MyBrompton.
  • Customer service is excellent. The Brompton website provides detailed videos on how to properly maintain and repair their e-bikes.

Points to Consider:

  • The lowest price for a Brompton e-bike is around 3,700 dollars. That’s expensive compared to other e-bikes that offer the same specs.
  • The handlebars cannot be adjusted for height.
  • The battery may sometimes rattle when traveling over rugged terrain.
  • Long rides are uncomfortable unless you purchase a separate city bag to hold your personal items.
  • The e-bike does not include Global Positioning System (GPS) or Global System for Mobile (GSM) for easy tracking in case it gets lost or stolen.


Popular Brompton E-Bikes Models

Brompton e-bike foldable design

Brompton e-bikes are efficient and compact, coming in with a waterproof bag to carry all your items safely.

Brompton e-bikes currently range from $3,700 to $4,950. They’re pricier compared to other brands, but what makes them stand out is the compact, foldable design. There’s something about this feature that makes Brompton appealing for commuters. After all, who doesn’t want an e-bike that can be easily packed away or unloaded in a few seconds?

There are six Brompton e-bike models currently available. These are:

  1. C-Line Explore 12-speed MSRP: $4,250
  2. P-Line Explore 12-speedMSRP: $4,950
  3. Electric Explore 2021 6-speed – MSRP: $3,700 
  4. C-Line Explore 6-speedMSRP: $3,800
  5. P-Line Urban 4-speedMSRP: $4,750
  6. C-Line Urban 4-speedMSRP: $3,950


These models differ in terms of frame materials, handlebar types, and the number of gears they have.

Therefore, when choosing which model to buy, consider your specific needs such as the terrain you’ll ride on and how often and how far you’ll need to carry the bike.

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Brompton E-Bike Classes, Motors, and Batteries

Brompton e-bike brand review

Brompton e-bikes are easy to carry, store, and keep on you—even in the trunk of your car.

Brompton focuses on crafting e-bikes that can be folded to a third of their size so they can be stored with ease. The compactness of Brompton e-bikes is perfect for people who travel from one city to another on the regular.

The Brompton is considered a Class 1 e-bike since it only has a pedal-assist and no throttle. The maximum speed for Class 1 e-bikes is 20mph, which is sufficiently fast and safe for traveling in urban areas.

The company philosophy of Brompton is all about top-notch craftsmanship.

The brazing process used to create each component can be clearly seen on the stamps and the paint of their e-bikes.

Not satisfied with the standard 2A charger because you think 4 hours is too long to reach full charge? You can buy a 4A charger that cuts the total charging time in half.

Is the 1.5L bag not enough to carry your personal items around? Brompton offers a bigger 20L bag for purchase.

The handlebars are also customizable, so when purchasing you can typically choose between Low-Type, Mid-Type, or High-Type handlebars.


Customer Service and Affordable Prices

Brompton e-bikes handmade

Brompton has one of the best customer service ratings in the industry.

The portability of the Brompton e-bike has always been its greatest asset, according to reputable blogs such as The Verge, Cyclist, Bikeradar, and Cycle Volta. Customers love that this e-bike can be folded to a third of its size so they can bring it on long trips.

The customer service of this company is excellent based on most reviews.

If you’re on a tight budget, then Brompton may not be the first e-bike that you should consider buying.

Brompton provides helpful videos for e-bike owners on setting up, repairing, and maintaining their products. All of these are free of charge and can be viewed on their website.

The standard 2-year warranty of Brompton e-bikes also receives a lot of praise from their customers. And if you sign up to MyBrompton, the warranty gets extended to 7 years.

However, the price of Brompton e-bikes is expensive compared to other Class 1 e-bikes. But that’s the price you pay for a novelty item like this.


People Also Asked For:

On the off chance that you have unanswered questions, here’s a quick overview of the most frequently asked questions about Brompton.

  • Where are Brompton bikes made? 

The Brompton factory in London, England, manufactures all the components for their e-bikes. It’s expected that the bikes are also designed and assembled here.

  • What types of e-bikes does Brompton make?

Brompton makes foldable e-bikes, just like their conventional models. These e-bikes are compact and good for light travel in cities and suburban areas.

  • How much cargo can Brompton e-bikes carry?

All Brompton e-bike models are included with an essential bag that can carry up to 3.3lbs. You can buy a separate city bag that has a carrying capacity of up to 40lbs.

  • How fast do Brompton e-bikes go?

Brompton e-bikes fall under the Class 1 category, meaning they have a maximum speed of 20mph but have no throttle, only pedal assist. Considering that the motor on most of these e-bikes is strong, this shouldn’t be a problem as pedaling feels as light as a feather on most e-bikes anyway.

  • Are Brompton e-bikes worth the money?

Yes, the Brompton e-bike is worth buying. Sure, it’s not the only folding e-bike in the market. But the amount of effort put into its craftsmanship makes it one of a kind, and gives it a certain unique appeal.


Bottom Point — Who Are Brompton E-Bikes For?

Brompton e-bike brand review and overview

Brompton e-bikes are for those that value mobility and portability.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, lightweight e-bike that you can fold and unpack anywhere, then Brompton is a suitable option for you. Its longevity serves as a testament to the excellent craftsmanship and history of the Brompton brand, which can’t be compared to any other bicycle manufacturing company.

Brompton has only expanded outside the UK recently, so there’s more room for their brand to grow in popularity. The amount of resources that this company allocates toward research and development is a promising sign that more affordable e-bike options will become available in the future.

Overall, a Brompton e-bike may not be the best value deal budget-wise, but its portability coupled with top-notch customer service makes up for it in the long run.

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