Huffy Electric Bikes Review: In-Depth Analysis of Huffy’s E-Bike Range

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Huffy electric bikes are some of the most affordable on the market, starting as low as $798. These e-bikes are suitable for beginners or those wanting a bike for light use.

Huffy e-bikes cover a wide portion of the market, with six urban-centric models catering to small budgets, with pedal assist and throttles featured across the lineup.

The competitive pricing of Huffy’s sale models can be a very appealing choice for those looking to start their electric bicycle journey. However, be aware that budget bikes are only suitable for light use and may require more maintenance than higher-priced models.

Keep reading our Huffy electric bike review to find out if a Huffy e-bike is the right choice for you.

About Huffy Bikes

two huffy electric bikes in nature

Huffy is a long-established brand with a history in bicycle manufacturing dating back to 1890s Ohio. Their range of bikes covers almost every corner of the market, from road to mountain bikes and kids’ bikes to BMXs.

Over time, the company transitioned from making premium, US-made products to outsourcing its manufacturing to factories in Asia. Huffy stopped making bikes in the US in the mid-90s to meet the demand for bicycles sold at increasingly low prices at department stores.

Today, Huffy bikes are designed with comfort and value in mind, with well-padded saddles, big tires, and comfort-focused designs throughout their range.

In the 2010s, Huffy began applying its expertise in creating low-cost bikes to the electric bike industry.

Today, Huffy may not be one of the best electric bike brands out there, but its ebikes definitely have a place on the market.

Huffy Electric Bike Pros and Cons

Huffy electric bikes offer excellent value for money, but it’s worth considering both the pros and cons before purchasing one.


  • They’re some of the cheapest e-bikes from a well-established bike brand on the market.
  • Excellent value at sale prices.
  • Huffy e-bikes cater to a wide range of riders.
  • Pedal assist and throttle power up to 20mph.
  • Foldable e-bikes are available for those with limited space.
  • Focus on comfort and accessibility.


  • Huffy e-bikes come with low-end componentry.
  • The bikes are relatively heavy.
  • The cheaper models have a limited battery range.

Huffy Electric Bike Lineup

In this section, we will review the range of six e-bikes offered by Huffy, from their foldable 20-inch e-bikes to their mixed-terrain hardtails. We will examine the key features and the type of riding each bike is suitable for.

Huffy Panama Jack E-Bike

Huffy Panama Jack E-bike

MSRP: $1,900

  • 40-mile range
  • Most powerful Huffy e-bike (500W)

The Huffy Panama Jack e-bike is a fat-tire cruiser. The wide tires provide a stable base for riding on sand and grass.

Like most Huffy electric bikes, the Panama Jack is designed for riding in comfort, and the high-volume tires, relaxed ride position, sprung saddle, and swept-back handlebars help achieve this.

Riders can enjoy up to 40 miles of range and ample power from the 500W motor, perfect for recreational rides and mild inclines. Finally, this Huffy cruiser electric bike has commuter accessories and in-built cargo storage for running errands.

Huffy Everett+ Electric Bike

Huffy Everett electric bike

MSRP: $1,200

  • Punchy 350W motor
  • Tested to UL2849 standard

The Huffy Everett+ electric bike is a step-through cruiser model with light-duty electronics that add a helpful boost to leisurely rides. Huffy claims this to be the female-specific version of the Everett+ due to the step-through frame configuration.

This model has a 350W and a modest 36V battery that returns a maximum range of 25 miles. You can get the most out of the battery by using the 7-speed gearing.

This model doesn’t include a rack but has fenders, a kickstand, and mechanical disc brakes. The Everett+ e-bike also comes with an impressive ten-year warranty on its frame and a two-year warranty on electrical components.

Buy Huffy Everett+

Huffy Transic+ E-Bike

Huffy Transic+ e-bike

MSRP: $1,200

  • UL 2849 e-bike safety tested
  • Knobbly off-road tires

The Transic+ is one of two light-duty Huffy electric mountain bikes suitable for tackling dirt tracks and gravel.

This Huffy electric bike has electronics similar to the Everett+, meaning it’s suitable for riders who need a boost but don’t mind putting in some effort on climbs. Thankfully, it has 3×7-speed gearing to help assist the motor.

The fork suspension and knobbly tires give this bike light trail abilities, but we recommend avoiding proper mountain trails as the components won’t withstand much abuse.

Buy Huffy Transic+

Huffy Motoric E-Bike

Huffy Motoric e-bike

MSRP: $1,600

  • Folding frame and handlebars
  • Knobbly fat tires

The Huffy Motoric is a fat-tire folding electric bike and a solid option for riders with limited space at home.

This 20″ electric bike has Shimano 6-speed gearing and a twist shifter. The 350W hub motor provides enough power for easy riding up to 20mph.

Knobbly 4″ tires and an upright position ensure a comfortable ride, and these tires provide enough traction to ride off-road and safely in wet conditions.

The included fenders and rear rack make this a viable commuter bike or one to take in the trunk on road trips.

Buy Huffy Motoric+

Huffy Versic E-Bike

20 in. Versic Fat Tire Folding E-Bike in Black

MSRP: $1,298

  • Folding frame and handlebars
  • Integrated battery

The Versic Huffy electric bike is another fat tire, 20″ folding electric bike like the Motoric covered above.

This model also has disc brakes and 4″ knobbly tires that provide comfort and confidence-inspiring grip and stopping power. In addition, it comes with fenders and a rear rack for commuters.

Again, a 350W motor takes the stress out of your rides and helps overcome the extra friction of the fat tires. Consider this if you want a comfortable and portable e-bike that can handle light off-road terrains.

Buy Huffy Versic+

Huffy Teronic E-Bike

Huffy Teronic e-bike

MSRP: $798

  • Simple, lightweight design
  • Suspension fork and grippy tires

Huffy’s Teronic is another light-duty mountain bike like the Transic+. A suspension fork, disc brakes, knobbly off-road tires, and 21-speed gearing mean this e-bike can handle light trails.

At less than $800, it’s hard to find an e-bike that offers this value for money. The removable 36V battery powers a punchy 350W motor to provide speeds of up to 20mph.

This Huffy e-bike also performs well as a comfortable urban runaround, and the suspension will take the sting out of rough pavement.

Buy Huffy Teronic+


1. Is Huffy a bike manufacturer?

Huffy is a bike manufacturer and used to have its own factories in the United States up until the late 1990s. However, due to rising costs of labor, like all other major bike brands, it moved its manufacturing to Asia to stay financially viable.

2. How fast is a Huffy bike?

Huffy e-bikes can go as fast as 20mph using pedal assistance or throttle power. This makes them Class 2 e-bikes. While slower than Class 3 e-bikes, which can reach 28mph, the lower max speed is suitable for the needs of most urban riders.

3. Who bought Huffy?

The Huffy corporation’s majority shareholder is United Wheels, an internationally renowned bicycle company with routes in Daytona, US. This provided Huffy with some security in difficult moments and has increased Huffy bike sales in partnership with brands like Disney and Walmart.

4. Are Huffy bikes OK?

Yes, Huffy bikes are OK and offer good value for money to riders with limited budgets. However, the low cost means lower-end components and more assembly requirements, so buyers may experience issues down the line or have difficulty addressing warranty complaints.

5. What country are Huffy bikes made in?

The majority of Huffy bikes are made in China. This allows for a high volume, low-cost approach to their bike sales, making Huffy bikes a good option for those who want to cycle from time to time but do not want to spend too much money.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy a Huffy Electric Bike?

front view of a blue huffy electric bike

Huffy’s accessible pricing means you can still get started with e-biking even if your budget is limited.

Their range of six bikes is broad enough to meet the needs of most beginners and new riders. The focus on comfort, practicality, and ease of use makes them especially suitable for use in cities.

Some may find durability and long-term performance to be lacking, but the cheap entry point removes barriers for those who can’t afford a brand-name e-bike or who only need something for light use two or three times a week.

We advise bringing your Huffy e-bike to a trained mechanic for a once-over after initial setup to ensure you can get the most out of your new e-bike.

Keep an eye out for the brand’s frequent discounts, as they are slightly overpriced at full price.

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