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Surly Bikes is a company that emphasizes three important qualities for all their bicycles: durability, utility, and versatility. Every bike this company makes is custom-fitted with components that match the preference of the rider.

Formed in Bloomington, Minnesota, Surly Bikes started as a sub-division of Quality Bicycle Products. Since 1998, Surly provided customers of all shapes and sizes with utility bikes that were built for their specific needs.

Surly is a company that embraces inclusivity, which is why their bikes are built to cater to every demographic. No matter what the customer is looking for in a Surly bicycle, the company ensures to give them the most comfortable riding experience that they deserve.

Although Surly has manufactured single-speed bikes and cargo-hauling bikes throughout the years, they are best known for their fat bikes. These are off-road bicycles that have oversized tires for better traction over unstable terrains like snow, sand, and mud.

The recent increase in demand for e-bikes prompted Surly to launch their first electric bicycle as well. Surly cargo bikes were already popular, but the company wanted its customers to have the option of choosing an electric version for additional pedal support.

Overview of Surly Electric Bikes

Surly Bikes overview

Surly Bikes company builds bikes that cater to all kinds of people.

Surly has been in the bicycle-making business for over two decades. The company sports a casual, urban appeal that rivals the most passionate bike manufacturers in this area. This cool factor, or swag if you want to call it that, is what makes Surly Bikes stand out among the other brands.

The durability of the Surly Bikes can be attributed to the 4130 Chromoly steel alloy that is used to build their frames.

These bicycles are also known for their utility: they have specially-designed bikes for paved, gravelly, or uneven roads. Whether you need to travel just for fun or you need to haul plenty of stuff, this company has the right bike for you.

The versatility of Surly Bikes is one of its most important traits.

Big Easy, the only electric bike offered by Surly, was based on one of its long-distance cargo bikes. This e-bike was made to carry lots of stuff, but it can also make room for an extra person to ride with you.

The Big Easy’s carrying capacity and extended range capability are two main reasons why cyclists call it the cargo bike version of an 18-wheeler truck.

What We Like and Dislike About Surly Electric Bikes

Surly Bikes' is now innovating to the e-bike world.

Surly Bikes has adapted and innovated with the ever-increasing demands of the bike industry.

Surly has proven to be able to adapt as the years go by.

They started on single-speed bikes then moved on to become a pioneer in the fatbike industry.

Their bicycles are also proven to stand the test of time, but they do have their shortcomings. Here is a list of what’s good and bad about Surly Bikes.


  • Surly Bikes are extremely tough, thanks to their steel alloy components.
  • Three different frames (S, M, L) are available for the Surly e-bike.
  • The Surly e-bike can run dual batteries to extend its maximum range.
  • Each Surly bike is designed with the geometry to best fit the rider.
  • There are plenty of bikes to choose from, each one having a specific purpose.
  • The Surly cargo e-bike is capable of carrying heavy loads over long distances.
  • A 3-year warranty is available for all Surly bike frames.
  • The company website contains an extensive FAQ section and resource library to address any concerns.
  • Surly Bikes customer service has a positive reputation based on product reviews and cycling blogs.

Points to Improve:

  • Surly currently only has one e-bike for sale, so customers have limited options.
  • The Surley e-bike is slightly expensive at its current price of $5,249.
  • Compared to aluminum bikes, the Surly steel alloy frames are much heavier.

Popular Surly Bike Models

Popular Surly Bikes Models

Surly only has one e-bike model for now, but they’ll intend to expand that lineup over the coming months, years.

The only available Surly e-bike, the Big Easy, offers great value if you can afford to shell out over five thousand dollars. Investing in this cargo e-bike is worth it in the long run, given its durability and range. Here is a list of Surly’s most popular bikes, with the Big Easy and four other Surly best-sellers.

  1. Big Easy – MSRP: $5,249 – The Surly Big Easy is a long-tail electric bike based on the Big Dummy cargo bike. The Big Easy uses the powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, large 26” x 2.5” tires, and Tektron brakes.
  2. Big Dummy – MSRP: $2,249 – This conventional cargo fatbike is a good alternative for those who don’t need Big Easy’s pedal assist. The Big Dummy was built to support room for an extra passenger. It’s very affordable for a bike that can haul a large amount of cargo with ease.
  3. Big Fat Dummy – MSRP: $3,175 – The off-road equivalent to the Big Dummy. The Big Fat Dummy comes with three-pack mounts and the clearance to use 29” x 3.0” tires. This bike also has an XL frame available in addition to S, M, and L frames.
  4. Cross-Check – MSRP: $925-$1,149 – Surly’s most popular all-terrain road bike. This affordable bike comes with an adjustable wheelbase and single-speed capability. At its current price, the Cross-Check is a steal if you want a durable bicycle for long-distance riding.
  5. Bridge Club – MSRP: $1,155-$1,215 – A simple but versatile road bike with disc brakes that can still mount racks for your bags. You can choose between a Pavement or Off-Road build kit for the Bridge Club, depending on which terrain you usually travel.

Where to Buy Surly Bikes Online?

JensonUSA.com – Bikes & Accessories

GravityCoalition.com – Bikes & Gear

Surly E-Bike Classes, Motors, and Batteries

Surly Bikes are built to be durable and compact.

The Surly Bikes’ e-bike is simple in design, but it incorporates the powerful Bosch CX motor that can go to high speeds of up to 20 mph.

The Surly Big Easy is a Class 1 e-bike, but speed was never its top priority. The ability to carry more than 300 pounds is the main feature of this e-bike.

This e-bike uses the Performance Line CX pedal-assist system. It has five assist modes: Walk, Eco, Tour, eMTB, and Turbo.

If you’re a beginner on e-bikes, you can use Eco mode to reach 10mph with minimal effort. Once you get the hang of the pedal assist, switch to Tour mode so you can travel up to 15mph.

Turbo mode assists the Big Easy to reach the maximum speed of 20mph. And finally, Walk mode is useful if you want to push the bike alongside you as you walk.

The eMTB mode is recommended when you travel across changing terrain because it automatically switches the pedal-assist between Tour and Turbo modes.

This e-bike comes with one Bosch PowerPack 500 battery, which has a maximum range of about 30 miles. An additional battery can be mounted on the Surly e-bike to double its range. No need to install additional wiring, because the Big Easy already supports that. All you need is to get that extra battery.

Customer Service and Affordable Prices

Surly Bikes Customer Service and Affordable Prices

Surly Bikes have received positive feedback through the years.

Buying a Surly bike or frameset can be done through any retailer that is partnered with Quality Bicycle Products. Surly has a list of dealers on their website to help you find the nearest shop that can help you with their products. These authorized dealers are available in the U.S. and overseas.

Those who bought the Surly cargo bikes were impressed by the amount of weight they can carry. The addition of a pedal-assist system to help haul large loads was also given praise by bike critics and enthusiasts alike.

The Surly customer service is incredibly responsive whether you air your concerns through email, phone, or the product page comment section.

You can even find tech articles, size charts for bags and apparel, explainer videos, and other helpful resources on the Info Hole of Surly’s website.

The warranty for Surly bike frames lasts up to 3 years from the original date of purchase. That’s long enough for you to ensure that the Surly bike you bought is free of any defects.

Saving up for a cargo e-bike that can carry one extra adult or two kids with you is never a bad investment. The Big Easy will last you for a long time thanks to its durable steel frame, so you can say that it’s worth $5,249.

You Might Also Ask

On the off chance that you have unanswered questions, here’s a quick overview of the most frequently asked questions about Surly Bikes.

  • Where are Surly bikes made? 

Surly e-bikes are designed in Bloomington, Minnesota. However, all the frames, forks, and other components are made in Taiwan.

  • What types of e-bikes does Surly make?

Surly manufactures road bikes, mountain bikes, and cargo bikes. The company’s e-bike is best used for paved roads.

  • How much cargo can Surly cargo bikes carry?

Ideally, Surly cargo bikes have a maximum carry of 331lbs. Other factors may affect this number, such as the rider’s weight, type of terrain, rack type, and cargo weight distribution.

  • How fast do Surly e-cargo bikes go?

The Surly Big Easy is a Class 1 e-bike, so the maximum speed is 20mph on Turbo assist mode.

  • Are Surly bikes worth the money?

Yes, they are. Surly Bikes is worth investing in for their durability alone. The custom-fitting components ensure that you will get the best value bike for your money. Plus, it’s never a bad thing to enjoy a bike ride with your kids.

Bottom Line — Who Are Surly E-Bikes For?

Surly Bikes made for everyone

Surly Bikes, made for beginners and experienced veterans alike.

Surly Bikes are tried and tested for their toughness and reliability. With more than two decades of excellence, Surly Bikes has a reputation for superb craftsmanship and stellar customer service.

The company has custom framesets and bikes that suit your personal needs. No matter what the size of the rider or the cargo is, Surly is guaranteed to provide you with the best available components that will last for years.

The Surly e-bike can haul your large load without breaking its back or yours. So all you have to do is sit back, activate pedal assist, and enjoy the ride.

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