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Wing Bikes is one of the USA’s newest electric bike brands, specializing in simple yet comprehensive urban e-bikes at affordable prices.

The international e-bike market exploded in recent years. Luckily, Wing established itself at an opportune moment just before the Covid-19 pandemic struck and sales soared.

The company’s unique designs, feature-rich bikes, direct-to-consumer business model, and competitive pricing allow it to compete in an increasingly saturated e-bike market.

This Wing eBike review will take a closer look at the brand and its policies, the standout features, and each model, finishing with our verdict on whether you should buy a Wing bike.

About Wing Bikes

Wing Bikes was founded in 2018 by New Yorker Seth Miller. Miller took inspiration from the success of the European brand VanMoof, to create a similar style urban e-bike with unique security features at even lower prices.

Wing electric bikes are affordable, customizable, and pack plenty of punch and range for the needs of the urban rider. In addition, the brand has a range of five options, each with slightly different applications.

The company prioritizes security, style, and affordability. For this reason, all of Wing’s models have the same anti-theft features, sleek integrated frame, and sub-$2,000 pricing.

Given the huge popularity of the futuristic-looking VanMoof bikes, we believe Wing Bikes has the potential to become a significant player in the urban electric bike market over the next few years.

Standout Features of Wing e-Bikes

Wing electric bikes stand out for their intuitive and sleek designs, customizability, security features, and affordable prices. Urban cyclists will also appreciate the low weight compared to the competition and the comfortable ride position of these bikes.

Security Features

Bike security is a constant struggle for city dwellers. However, anti-theft features like alarms and remote tracking significantly decrease the risk of theft and increase the chance of retrieval.

As an urban bike brand with a CEO from New York, Wing understands this problem and has included extra features to help increase security and optional upgrades for further protection.

wing bikes alarm security feature

Wing Bikes’ alarm security feature is operated with a custom key fob that’s straightforward to use add to the luxury feel.

Each Wing bike gets a tamper detection alarm system that initiates a loud noise to deter potential thieves and a remote-locking key fob for bolstering the security of your regular locking practice.

Wing customers can also add an $80 location tracking device that includes an Apple Airtag, mounting hardware, a custom holster, and warning stickers. This tracker allows you to follow the location of a stolen bike in real-time so you can retrieve it.

Sleek Design and Integration

Each Wing e-bike has a striking matt monochrome finish with color-matched components. The models are available in one, two, or three colors, including black, silver, and blue (Freedom ST is the only one available in blue).

wing bikes integrated lights

All Wing e-bikes come with smoothly integrated battery-powered front and rear lights that will help you see and be seen at night.

Seamless integration of electronics and lights also enhances the look of Wing e-bikes. Batteries are integrated into a downtube with a relatively narrow profile and are removable and lockable. In addition, the lights are built into the top tube of the frame, protruding slightly past the headset and seatpost to allow space for them to fit. This distinctive design will undoubtedly turn the heads of jealous onlookers.


Urban riders have a broad set of demands for their bikes. While some commuters will ride with a cycling backpack that contains spare clothes or work equipment, many riders need extra space provided by pannier bags.

For this reason, Wing bikes are customizable for different jobs. For example, at checkout, you can add a front rack ($90) or a rear rack ($80) which can hold 20 lbs and 25 lbs, respectively. Wing also includes fenders and a throttle with each bike.

Wing Electric Bike Lineup

As of winter 2022, Wing’s lineup consists of five models, the most recent of which is the Freedom ST step-through model. The others include the flagship Freedom 2, the premium Freedom X, the fat-tire Freedom Fatty, and the Freedom S2 compact e-bike.

Wing Freedom 2

wing freedom ebike

MRSP: from $998

  • Flagship model
  • 25 mph top speed
  • 350W motor
  • Fits Riders: 5’6″ to 6’4″ 

The flagship Wing Freedom eBike is in its second generation and offers the best value for money in the brand’s range.

This model utilizes a 350W (550W peak power) hub motor with 45 Nm of torque and a standard cadence sensor. Choose between three battery sizes at checkout, each costing $100 more than the smaller one. These include 8.8Ah (316Wh), 10.4Ah (375Wh), or 14Ah (504Wh), providing 35, 45, and 60-mile max ranges, respectively. 

As with all Wing eBikes, the Freedom 2 has a lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame that helps keep the weight low (39 lb). Other notable features include the puncture-resistant 1.75″ Kenda tires, 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearing, mechanical disc brakes, and theft defense security features. While these components are entry-level, they are adequate for this price range.

The Freedom 2 has a Dutch-style design with a relaxed, upright position, swept-back handlebars, shock-absorbent balloon tires, and plush touchpoints.

Choose Wing Bikes’ Freedom 2 if you want the brand’s flagship option for typical urban riding.

Wing Freedom Fatty 2

wing freedom fatty ebike

MRSP: from $1,198

  • 4″ tires
  • 500W, 85 Nm motor
  • 28 mph top speed
  • Fits Riders: 5’2″ to 6’3″ 

The Freedom Fatty Wing bike is the brand’s fat tire electric bike, designed to handle mixed-terrain commuting and leisure weekend rides off-road.

The Freedom Fatty is unique within the Wing lineup. It has smaller 20″ wheels wrapped in knobbly 4″ Kenda Krusader fat tires, ideal for riding on all terrains, including snow, sand, and mud.

Another distinctive feature is the higher-power motor and increased top speed. This model uses a 500W (750W peak) hub motor with 85 Nm of torque and a 28 mph max speed.

The Freedom Fatty only comes in black, unlike the others with two or three color choices. In addition, you can choose between two battery sizes instead of three, a 375Wh or 504Wh, returning 35 or 45-mile max ranges, respectively.

Most other components are the same, including the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, mechanical disc brakes, and security features. However, this model has a flat handlebar instead of a cruiser-style one.

Add the Wing Freedom Fatty to your shortlist if you want a fat tire urban bike with a sleek design and affordable price tag.

Wing Freedom X

wing freedom x ebike

MRSP: from $1,148

  • Torque-sensing
  • Stem-integrated display
  • 350W motor
  • Fits Riders: 5’6″ to 6’4″

The Freedom X Wing e-bike is the most advanced model they sell, adding torque sensors and an integrated display to the Freedom 2 build.

Adding torque sensing to complement the cadence sensors gives the Freedom X a smoother ride quality compared to the otherwise identical Freedom 2. In addition, Wing integrated a color display into the frame and did away with the monochrome handlebar-mounted one.

The new display has room for more metrics, including speed, ride distance, assistance level, and remaining battery, and it allows you to control the lights and horn.

Otherwise, the Freedom X and Freedom 2 are the same in design and componentry, meaning you will pay roughly $250 more for the two upgraded features.

If you want the most natural and intuitive Wing bike and don’t mind paying a little extra, choose the Freedom X.

Wing Freedom ST

wing freedom st step-through ebike

MRSP: from $1,298

  • Step-through frame
  • Three color choices
  • 22 mph top speed
  • Fits Riders: 5’1″ to 6’2″

The Freedom ST Wing electric bike is the newest addition to the lineup and a response to customer requests for a bike that fits a broader range of rider heights.

This model also takes the sleek stem-integrated display from the Freedom X but doesn’t have torque sensing.

A step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting this bike easier, making it more accessible for riders with limited flexibility and ideal for loading with cargo.

Another difference between the Freedom ST and the other builds is the lower top speed of just 22 mph, even though it uses the same 350W motor and has the same three battery options.

Consider Wing’s Freedom ST if you value comfort and convenience over speed.

Wing Freedom S2

wing bikes freedom s2

MRSP: from $948

  • Cheapest model
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Fits Riders: 5′ to 6’1″

Wing’s Freedom S2 is the most affordable choice, designed with a compact, lightweight frame ideally suited to smaller riders or those with less storage space at home.

The Freedom S2 Wing e-bike has 20″ wheels, like the Freedom Fatty, except with the standard 1.75″ Kenda puncture-resistant tires. This setup makes the bike more nimble and smaller but slightly less smooth.

The Freedom S2 has a comparable range to the other bikes despite weighing two pounds less. In addition, you can choose between three batteries to support the standard 350W, 45Nm motor.

Otherwise, the Wing Freedom S2 has the same build kit and performance as the Freedom 2 flagship.

Add this compact Wing electric bike to your shortlist if you’re a smaller rider or value the lightweight and tidy design.

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

Once you place an order, the team at Wing’s warehouse takes three or four days to process it. Upon processing, customers are sent tracking information and can expect the shipping to take up to one week.

man riding wing freedom x ebike

Wing offers four delivery options: FedEx, USA Bike Shipping, pickup at their NYC showroom, and FedEx International. Once an order is placed, it is subject to the returns policy’s $98 fee.

Bikes purchased through include a ten-day no questions asked return policy, subject to the $98 fee.

However, the bike must be in new condition and have less than five miles on the odometer. All bikes arrive with everything you need to get them up and running immediately.

Each Wing bike has a one-year warranty on all components and the frame.


Wing bikes are likely made in Asia, given the affordable prices. However, the brand does not specify the manufacturing location on its website. The company has a headquarters in New York City and six test-ride centers spread across the US.

Wing Bikes ship from the company’s warehouse in New York. Shipping takes approximately one to seven days after the order is processed. As of winter 2022, Wing ships within the lower 48 states and internationally, and it also offers a pickup and assembly service at its New York showroom.

A Wing bike goes as fast as 22, 25, or 28mph. The lowest max speeds are the Freedom ST and S2 at 22mph. The Freedom X and Freedom 2 max out at 25mph, and the Freedom Fatty is the fastest, at Class 3 electric bike limit of 28mph.

It takes approximately four hours to charge a Wing bike battery, depending on how much remains when you plug it in. A tip to maximize the battery’s lifespan is to maintain the charge level above 20% and below 90% when possible.

No, Wing bikes are not waterproof. However, they are water resistant, meaning you can ride in the rain and through shallow puddles without worry. Don’t submerge any parts in water, as this will damage them. In addition, dry your bike after riding in the rain when possible.

Do Wing bikes have GPS?

No, Wing bikes do not have GPS. The bike computer tracks speed and distance but doesn’t track your route. However, you can purchase an anti-theft location tracking accessory at checkout for $80. This package includes an Apple Airtag, mounting hardware, a custom holster, and warning stickers.

Yes, Wing bikes all come with a free throttle that you can install when the bike is delivered. Previously, the throttle was an optional add-on that cost $60, but the company recently began including it for free with each bike.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy a Wing Bike?

Wing has produced five sub-$2,000 e-bikes that serve slightly different riders. They are user-friendly, feature-rich, and sleek. Of course, the design of these bikes won’t appeal to everyone. However, if you like the futuristic look, you will love a Wing bike.

wing electric commuter bikes

Wing Bikes’ models are suitable both for urban commuting and off-road riding on hardpacked gravel and dirt roads.

Like most brands in this price range, the components are entry-level, and the electronics aren’t particularly powerful, but this is a trade-off for lower pricing. Wing bike owners report overall satisfaction in their online reviews, although the company’s customer service has room for improvement according to some reviews.

Wing electric bikes are ideally suited to urban riders who want a stylish bike that doesn’t sacrifice practicality and offers enhanced security features.

All things considered, we would be excited to own one of these bikes, and we hope this Wing Bikes review has helped you make up your mind about buying one.


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