Engwe M20 E-Bike Review: Best Cheap Moped E-Bike in 2024?

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The ENGWE M20 is the cheapest motorcycle-style electric bike we’ve seen, offering the coveted design at half the price of some competitors. Of course, at this price, cost-saving choices impact performance and durability.

Full suspension and 4-inch knobbly fat tires give the M20 plenty of off-road ability, while integrated lights, a horn, and fenders mean it’s suitable for city riding. All of these features and the geometry of this style of e-bike result in a heavy machine that isn’t easy to pedal.

This type of bike may be worth considering if you relish high-speed riding, love the look of these bikes, and have a limited budget. However, you will want to look elsewhere if you want a more practical e-bike that’s easier to pedal.

In our ENGWE M20 review, we’ll cover the main specs and characteristics to see how it stacks up against similar models so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.

ENGWE M20 Main Specs:

  • MSRP: $1,300 or $1,600
  • Class: 2 or 3, 20 or 28  mph
  • Motor: 750W, 55 Nm hub motor
  • Battery: 624 Wh or 1244 Wh, 48V
  • Range: 47 or 94 miles
  • Gears: 7-speed Shimano Tourney
  • Tires: 20″ x 4″
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Weight: 89.29 lb


ENGWE M20 Review: Tons of Power but Some Expected Flaws

The moped-style category is a niche part of the e-bike industry, but one with passionate owners who love to show off their powerful and stylish machines.

engwe m20 ebike in white color

In general, moped-style electric bikes are slightly price prohibitive, starting at around $2,000. However, the ENGWE M20 e-bike changes that by offering a feature-rich yet affordable option to fans of this look.

The chunky four-inch fat tires and full-suspension setup of the M20 mean it can handle the demands of dirt and gravel trails. In addition, it’s equipped for safe urban riding with a horn and lights.

For comparison, the suspension and extra safety features are not present on the Super73-Z Miami moped-style e-bike, which costs 50 percent more than the M20. Buyers will have to look to the Ride1UP Revv 1 to find a model that’s as feature-rich, only with an additional cost of around $1,000.

Like classic cars, these electric bikes aren’t designed to be practical, efficient, or easy to maintain. As such, you should avoid the M20 if you need an easy-to-use companion for running errands or commuting.

Is the ENGWE M20 legal in the UK?

No, the ENGWE M20 electric bike is not legal in the UK. The company sells its products in the UK, but they can only be legally used on private land because they exceed the 250W motor power limit and they have throttles.


ENGWE M20 E-Bike Pros and Cons


  • The M20 is cheap for the moped e-bike category.
  • It can easily reach the 28 mph max speed.
  • Integrated headlights and brake light included.
  • Owners can program the M20 to fit Class 2 or 3 restrictions.
  • Dual battery capacity.
  • 20″ x 4″ tires and full suspension provide a stable ride quality.


  • This bike is very heavy at almost 90 lb for the dual-battery build.
  • Pedal assistance has a delay in engaging and disengaging.
  • Mechanical disc brakes are too weak for a bike with this weight and top speed.

A Full-Suspension Frame with Geometry Optimized for Throttle Use, Not Pedaling

Despite the fat tires, rigid moped-style bikes like the Super73-Z Miami are pretty uncomfortable. For this reason, we’re glad to see ENGWE designed the M20 with front and rear suspension, even with the extra weight.

engwe m20 full suspension ebike

This full-suspension setup and knobbly 4″ tires mean you can confidently take the M20 onto chunky off-road terrain. However, the geometry and high weight mean it isn’t suited to technical off-roading.

The M20’s geometry and non-adjustable saddle make it awkward to pedal if you’re over about 5’5″, despite listing the bike for heights up to 6’8″. Essentially, it renders the M20 a throttle-only e-bike for most men and taller women. That said, this is a common problem for this style of bike; brands like Ride1UP and Super73 haven’t been able to solve it yet either.

One disappointing spec of this bike is its surprisingly low weight capacity of 265 lb (rider and cargo). This is 85 lb less than the Revv 1 and 60 lb less than the Z-Miami.

High-Speed Motor and Dual Battery Capacity for Thrill-Seeking Riders

ENGWE sells the M20 as a single or dual-battery e-bike ($300 difference). The 48V 13Ah batteries are bolted onto the frame with a rather unrefined look.

engwe m20 dual battery setup

These batteries provide a theoretical max range of 47 miles per battery, which is likely exaggerated. You could expect roughly 25 to 35 miles per charge. The batteries don’t have a smart management system, so the motor draws from whichever one has more charge.

The M20 has the same 750W (1000W peak power) motor seen on some of the brand’s other models, like the Engine Pro. This motor provides plenty of kick for most riding but will struggle to haul the heavy weight up steep gradients.

The ENGWE M20’s top speed is 28 mph, and the bike reaches this on pedal assist mode (20 mph using the throttle). However, given the uncomfortable pedaling position, most riders won’t reach 28 mph often.


The main downside of the M20’s e-bike system is the primitive cadence sensors. There is a notable delay between pedaling and assistance kicking in and stopping pedaling and disengagement, which will be unsafe until you become accustomed to it.

Finally, the ENGWE M20 e-bike’s display is large and easy to read for this price point. It’s comparable to the Revv 1’s display but on a bike that costs $1,000 less.

How long does it take to charge the ENGWE M20?

The ENGWE M20 takes roughly 6 hours to charge from empty. ENGWE provides a two Amp charger. The dual battery model will take 12 hours to charge unless you purchase a second charger for $70 from the company’s online store.

Decent Components for the Price but with Trade-Offs

Buying an entry-level e-bike is about trade-offs. You must consider which components and specs are the most important to you and be willing to sacrifice quality in other areas.

components of the engwe m20 electric bike

For example, moped electric bikes like the M20 are typically chosen for their looks, powerful motors, and off-road capability. To get these characteristics at a low price, you must accept an unrefined power transfer and a high weight.

One area where ENGWE cut costs is with the cheap mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm rotors which aren’t ideal for a heavy Class 3 e-bike. The M20 also has a cheap Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain and Chaoyang fat tires.

ENGWE specs the M20 with two front lights and a rear light with brake activation, a comfortable and stylish seat, and fenders. These components aren’t included with the more expensive Z-Miami, so we’re happy to see them on this bike.


Our Verdict: Ride or Pass?

ENGWE continuously impresses with its ability to deliver some of the cheapest feature-rich electric bikes on the market. The motorcycle-style M20 is the most affordable model we’ve seen in this category, undercutting other popular brands by as much as $1,000.

black engwe m20

Of course, the Ride1UP Revv 1 is more refined and has higher-quality components, but at almost double the price, it’s much more cost-prohibitive than ENGWE’s option. Additionally, Super73’s cheapest model is $2,000 and has very basic features compared to the M20.

Yes, the long-term durability is questionable, but this is true of any model in this price range. If you want a more reliable choice with the same features, you may be better served by Ride1UP’s Revv 1 or a higher-end Super73 model, but these can cost triple what the M20 does.

However, if your heart is set on a motorcycle-style e-bike and your budget is limited, then the ENGWE M20 e-bike is the best option out there.

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