Ride1UP Turris E-Bike Review: High Quality Meets Affordability

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The Ride1UP Turris is the latest entry-level choice from the direct-to-consumer brand, replacing the popular 500 Series. It follows the brand’s trend of high quality at low prices.

This new model is more versatile than its predecessor. Its off-road-ready components, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, metal fenders, and bright LED headlight make it stand out at this price.

The Ride1UP Turris is a good option for riders on a strict budget who need a comfortable e-bike for the weekday commute and grocery run that can also handle mixed-terrain weekend rides.

Our Ride1UP Turris review will examine the specs and evaluate how this bike compares to the competition so you can make an informed choice in your search for a new electric bike.

Ride1UP Turris Main Specs:

  • MSRP: $1,295 (XR, ST)
  • Class: Class 3, 28 mph
  • Motor: 750W hub, 60 Nm
  • Battery: 614.4 Wh, 48 V
  • Range: 25-45 miles
  • Tires: Kenda Booster, 27.5″ x 2.4″
  • Suspension: 100 mm travel fork, hydraulic lockout
  • Drivetrain: 7-speed Shimano Altus
  • Brakes: Zoom hydraulic disc brakes, 180 mm rotors
  • Weight: 55 lb


Ride1UP Turris Pros and Cons


  • Competitive price
  • Cross-country MTB tires and 100mm fork travel provide off-road ability
  • Bright LED headlight and fenders included
  • Front and rear rack compatibility
  • Powerful Zoom hydraulic disc brakes
  • Relaxed geometry and comfortable ride quality
  • Smooth pedal assistance for a cadence-sensing system


  • Modest max range isn’t suitable for actual bicycle touring
  • No taillight means riders must use an externally-powered light
  • Low torque limits hill-climbing abilities

Ride1UP Turris Review: Premium Ride Feel and Versatility at an Entry-Level Price

The Turris is Ride1UP’s latest budget option, built around a versatile frame with a basic spec and plenty of room for customization.

The Turris can handle the diverse terrain you would tackle while bicycle touring thanks to its mountain bike tires and 100 mm travel fork suspension. However, we disagree with Ride1UP’s ‘touring-style e-bike’ label.

ride1up turris commuter ebike

In our opinion, the low max range rules out bicycle touring, but it’s an excellent option for mixed-terrain commuting and fun leisure rides.

The Turris punches above its weight in terms of ride feel and build quality. It’s sturdy, rides smoothly, and handles well.

With step-through and step-over frame options available, you can choose the perfect Turris for your needs.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the specs and performance.

Sturdy Frame with Comfortable Urban Geometry and Ample Sizing

Again, the Ride1UP Turris comes in a step-through (ST) or step-over (XR) frame. The ST uses swept-back cruiser handlebars, and the XR uses standard riser bars.

The aluminum alloy frame feels sturdy and has the typical attention to detail the brand is known for, including tidy integration and smooth, polished welds.

ride1up turris handlebars

The ST (top) and XR (bottom) handlebars.

Urban-style geometry makes for relaxed and stable riding on paved surfaces and light off-road terrain. If you have limited mobility, the ST’s handlebars create a more upright and relaxing ride position, and the low top tube makes it easier to mount.

Ride1UP kept the weight at a reasonable level (55 lb) for a bike of this price and spec. For example, the similarly-priced Aventon Pace 350.2 weighs 49 lb but has less power and range and no fenders. On the other hand, the RadCity 5 Plus has a rack and slightly more range but weighs 10 lb more, costs almost $700 extra, and doesn’t perform as well off-road.

Like all Ride1UP models, the Turris is only available in one size. The ST model fits riders 5’1″ to 6’2″, and the XR fits 5’6″ to 6’4″.

Class 3 Motor Performance with a Modest Battery

The Ride1UP Turris has a Shengy 750W motor with a modest 60 Nm of torque. Lower torque means you will struggle to go uphill at speed or ride with a fully loaded bike while on low pedal assist levels or using the throttle alone. As a result, you’ll need to assist with more of your own power in these circumstances.

ride1up turris city ebike rear view

The bike is relatively easy to ride without assistance turned on, which is a bonus when the range is limited to a maximum of 45 miles. Likewise, you can use the throttle without pedal assistance turned on.

The motor assistance is notably smooth for a cadence-sensing system. It gives the Turris a natural ride quality closer to that of torque-sensing e-bikes.

Ride1UP chose a slightly smaller 614.4 Wh battery for this bike, probably to keep costs down. Thankfully, however, the Ride1UP Turris range is still similar to the other models in the lineup with larger 672 Wh batteries.

Ride1UP Turris vs. LMT’D

The Ride1UP LMT’D is a step above the Turris in price and performance. For $400 extra, the LMT’D has a torque sensor and an extra 35 Nm of torque, improving the ride quality and increasing the climbing and cargo-carrying abilities.

In addition, it weighs 2 lb less, has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and has higher-end air suspension instead of coil. However, it doesn’t come with fenders.

Given these differences, the LMT’D is better suited to riders with a higher budget living in hilly areas or regularly transporting heavy cargo.

Lower-Tier Components with a Twist

The Ride1UP Turris’ is one of the cheapest e-bikes on the market to feature hydraulic disc brakes.

These Zoom disc brakes offer solid stopping power out of the box, but they lose their effectiveness faster than those from big-name brands like Tektro and Shimano.

ride1up turris side view of components

The drivetrain is a standard Shimano Altus 7-speed with a 12-32t Shimano cassette and a 46t Prowheel chainring. Unfortunately, this setup lacks high-end gears, meaning you will find yourself spinning out when traveling at speeds above 25 or 26 mph.

The set of Kenda Booster 2.4″ tires and 100 mm travel suspension fork give the Turris its off-road capabilities. These XC mountain bike tires provide plenty of grip for light off-roading, and the fork allows you to roll over small tree roots and rocky sections.

As mentioned, the Turris has minimal accessories, including a 60-lux headlight, fenders, and a kickstand. However, it’s compatible with various others, such as front and rear racks and baskets.

Ride1UP Turris vs. 700 Series

The 700 Series is fully equipped out of the box with a rear rack, fenders, and lights. It also has more range than the Turris from a larger 720 Wh battery and an improved groupset (8-speed Acera drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes).

Given that, the Ride1UP 700 Series could be a better choice for you if you don’t care to ride off-road and want a ready-to-go commuter package.


As mentioned, the Turris has fenders and a headlight but no taillight or rack, so if you ride at night, run errands, or commute regularly, you’ll probably want to add these components.

ride1up turris rear view of accessories

Thankfully, Ride1UP sells front and rear that are compatible with the Turris. In addition, you can purchase an easy-connect basket for either rack. Unfortunately, you’ll need to buy a taillight from an online retailer or your local bike shop.

Ride1UP doesn’t have the best selection of accessories, but they cover the basics. In contrast, brands like Rad Power Bikes and Aventon have more extensive options for customizing their bikes.

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Our Verdict: Ride or Pass?

The Ride1UP Turris gets a resounding thumbs-up from us thanks to its cheap price tag, versatile urban and off-road capabilities, solid construction, and smooth ride quality.

ride1up turris commuter ebike front view

Of course, at this price, it will have some limitations, such as a relatively low range and modest torque, making it less suitable for extensive bicycle touring or riding uphill with heavy loads. However, the inclusion of hydraulic disc brakes is impressive.

The Turris is a highly competitive choice at this price, with almost everything you need right out of the box. Add it to your shortlist if you have a limited budget but want a well-built, comfortable e-bike for commuting and leisurely mixed-terrain rides.

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