Buzz E-Bikes Review: Affordable E-Bikes and E-Trikes for Urban Mobility

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Buzz Bikes is a relatively unknown, US-based e-mobility brand that produces electric tricycles and e-bikes.

Buzz stands out for its commitment to accessibility by offering affordable products that allow everyone to enjoy the freedom of cycling.

Buzz e-bikes are ideal for short to medium-distance commutes or running errands in the city. Those with limited mobility or impaired balance should consider the Cerana T e-trike.

Keep reading our Buzz e-bike review to find out if one of their models is the right choice for you.


About Buzz Electric Bikes

man riding a buzz cerana ebike

Buzz Bikes was founded in Dayton, Ohio, and is run by a passionate team of cyclists with an accumulated 125 years of experience in the bike industry.

The company is owned by United Wheels, the parent company of other well-known brands like Huffy, Niner, VAAST, and Batch Bicycles.

As part of this large conglomerate of bicycle brands, Buzz Bicycles benefits from the additional buying power and product expertise, allowing them to create functional products at lower prices.

Buzz currently offers e-bikes and e-trikes designed to get more people out riding. They build community with initiatives like “Buzz across America,” in which 20 small businesses received a free e-bike.


Buzz Bikes Pros and Cons

Buzz electric bikes, like those from every entry-level e-bike company, have both pros and cons to consider before buying.


  • They offer excellent value for money.
  • An inclusive product design is suitable for those with limited mobility and balance issues.
  • Lots of add-ons and accessories are available from Buzz’s website.
  • Bikes come specced as standard with cargo-carrying capacities.


  • The Buzz range uses some lower-quality components that may not be very durable.
  • Their bikes and trikes are heavy.
  • The range is quite limited, with just three options.


Buzz Electric Bike and E-Trike Lineup

With accessibility being the main focus of Buzz Bikes’, the range of bikes and trikes is designed for stability, comfort, and functionality in urban environments. The Buzz e-bike range comprises the Centris e-bike, the Cerana e-bike, and the Cernana T electric trike.

Buzz Centris

buzz centris electric bike black

MSRP: $1,399

  • Suspension fork and fat tires for comfort
  • Front and rear racks included

The Buzz Centris is a budget-friendly folding e-bike designed with comfort and practicality in mind.

This Buzz e-bike includes two racks, lights, and fenders, so the Centris is ready for commuting right out of the box. The 4″ treaded tires can also handle light off-roading while rolling smoothly over bumpy pavement.

The Centris folding bike has a max range of 40 miles in pedal assist level 1, but you should expect closer to 25  miles of real-world range. Its top speed is 20 mph from the 350W hub motor.

The Centris has a similar weight to other entry-level folding electric bikes (67 lb). Buzz also provides a two-year warranty on electronics and a 10-year limited frame warranty. Unfortunately, 6-speed gearing and mechanical disk brakes are slightly below average for this price point, with many budget brands offering 7-speed and hydraulic brakes.

Add the Buzz Centris e-bike to your shortlist if you’re looking for a cheap folding e-bike.

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Buzz Cerana T

buzz cerana electric trike

MSRP: $1,699

  • Mid-drive motor
  • Very stable

The Cerana T electric trike is one of a handful of affordable options on the market, competing with the XP Trike, RadTrike, and sixthreezero’s various models.

This trike has a 3″ tire on the 24″ front wheel, providing lots of grip and comfort, and two 20″ x 2.25″ tires in the rear. This difference in wheel diameters provides a stable platform for the rider.

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The true highlight of this Buzz electric tricycle for adults, especially at this price point, is its 350W mid-drive motor. Mid-drives are virtually unseen below $2,000, so finding one on an electric trike is a treat.

The Cerana T will provide up to 40 miles of smooth power from the modest 36V frame-integrated battery. This is a heavy machine at 83lb (before you add accessories or cargo), so we would have preferred hydraulic disc brakes instead of mechanical.

All things considered, the Cerana T Buzz e-trike is a unique product in this price range with its mid-drive motor, so consider it if you’re on the hunt for an electric tricycle.

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Buzz Cerana

Buzz Cerana Black

MSRP: $1,499

  • Mid-drive motor
  • Commuter-ready

The Buzz Cerana e-bike, like the tricycle version above, has a mid-drive motor, setting it apart from the competition in its price range. Impressively, the Cerana can be found for as little as $900 when on sale, such as at the time of writing ($1,500 full price).

The use of a mid-drive motor at this price point is unheard of, and it gives the Cerana a smoother, more natural ride quality than the hub-drive competition. However, the power (350W) and 20mph max speed may be slightly underwhelming for some riders.

This e-bike has a Shimano Tourney drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes, which are basic but functional. We’d expect better, but the inclusion of a mid-drive motor means other components must be sacrificed.

This Buzz e-bike is a solid choice for commuters with short to medium-distance journeys as it comes with a front basket, fenders, and lights and up to 40 miles of range.

If you want a mid-drive Buzz electric bike and you have a limited budget, you won’t find a better deal than the Buzz Cerana.

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1. Who owns Buzz Bikes?

Buzz Bikes is owned by the parent company, Union Wheels. Union Wheels also manages brands like Niner and Huffy, with a history going back decades in the cycling industry. Buzz Bikes is based in Dayton, Ohio, and has a team with a collective 125 years of experience.

2. What is the top speed of a Buzz bike?

The top speed of Buzz e-bikes is 20mph using pedal assist mode. The Centris also has a thumb throttle that can reach a top speed of 20mph, in line with Class 2 regulations. The Cerana and Cerana T mid-drive models are considered Class 1, as they don’t have throttles.

3. What is the weight limit for a Buzz bike?

The weight limit for a Buzz bike is undetermined. The company doesn’t calculate the maximum weight limits for their bikes and trikes, with their website stating, “… our products have been used by riders weighing 200 to 300 pounds, we do not test or calculate the maximum weight bearing levels.”

4. How heavy are Buzz bikes?

Buzz bikes are as heavy as the average entry-level e-bike and e-trike. The Buzz Centris weighs 67lb, which aligns with most models at this price. The Cerana T electric trike weighs in at 83lb without baskets, and 107lb with accessories fitted. The Cerana weighs 57lb, which is slightly below average.


Final Thoughts: Should You Buy a Buzz Electric Bike?

woman riding a green buzz cerana ebike

For those with limited balance and mobility, a Buzz Cerana T trike is a wonderful option at a great price. Its thoughtful, practical design and smooth mid-drive motor are highly functional for the average rider. It could also improve the quality of life of those with limited mobility or balance impairments.

If you’re looking for an e-bike instead of a trike, there are things to like and dislike about Buzz’s limited offering, which uses basic components. The Centris folding e-bike is simple, functional, and affordable, while the Cerana is similar, but the mid-drive motor makes it a more impressive offering.

Buyers should know that Buzz e-bikes may experience issues due to their budget pricing and entry-level components. However, this can be expected of all low-cost e-bikes.

Overall, Buzz electric bikes are worth considering if you’ve got a limited budget and need a practical urban companion for light commuting or running errands.

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