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Devinci Bikes is one of Canada’s longest-running bicycle manufacturers. What started as a company that focused exclusively on local markets is now making high-quality bikes for customers worldwide.

The company’s name sounds like that of the famous Renaissance artist, which is not a coincidence. It really was named DaVinci at first, when two engineering students in Chicoutimi, Quebec, started the company back in 1987.

Felix Gauthier, a road bike entrepreneur, bought half of DaVinci Bikes in 1990. He changed the name by literally just swapping one letter and eventually gained full ownership in three years. Thus, Devinci Bikes was born, and its rise to international stardom began.

For over three decades, this company pumped out all types of bicycles—road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, you name it. Their outstanding in-house research and development team plays a huge part in the success of their products.

In recent years, the evolution of the electric bicycle, or e-bike, caught the attention of bicycle manufacturers worldwide. Devinci Bikes made sure to keep up with the competition by starting its own line of e-bikes that became some of the best electric mountain bikes on the market.

Overview of Devinci Electric Bikes

Devinci Electric Bikes Product Review

Two young engineering students founded Devinci Bikes that was later purchased by an entrepreneur in 1990.

Devinci Bikes currently has six e-bikes available for commercial use. All of them are lightweight and durable, thanks to their aluminum alloy frame and carbon steel fork.

There’s a reason why the bikes are made from aluminum. The Devinci headquarters at Chicoutimi is located near the Lac-Saint-Jean region, which is famously known as Canada’s “Aluminum Valley”. That’s a very convenient spot to start a bike manufacturing business!

The company invested a lot of time and resources in research to integrate their e-bikes with the best available components.

Whether you ride a Devinci road bike or mountain bike, the handling is superb, the brakes are responsive, and the pedal-assist system is spot on.

Every single Devinci e-bike is worth your hard-earned money. You’re guaranteed to get a top-class machine equipped to travel long-distance rides across urban or off-road terrain.

What We Like and Dislike About Devinci Electric Bikes

Devinci e-bikes pros and cons

Despite the ups and downs during Devinci’s years of service, it still became one of the top manufacturers of bikes.

Devinci e-bikes have their ups and downs, but the former definitely outnumber the latter. We listed down the good and the bad points of using their e-bikes in action.


  • Devinci e-bikes are famously sturdy and lightweight because they’re built from 6066-T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Superb handling and stability. The Devinci e-bikes are easy to maneuver on any type of road you encounter. They’re fitted with either 27.5-inch or 29.2-inch wheels and shock-absorbing components to minimize any damages to the bike and the rider’s butt.
  • Built with state-of-the-art components. From the drivetrain to the pedals, all the parts of these e-bikes are either made in-house at Devinci Bikes or outsourced from reliable brands like FSA, Shimano, and Alloy CNC.
  • Devinci made an e-bike for every type of road, making it one of the most versatile bicycle companies out there. There’s even a hybrid e-bike available for cyclists who want an all-around mode of transportation!
  • Devinci fitted their Class 1 e-bikes with a robust motor from Shimano. It runs silently, efficiently and doesn’t add too much weight to your ride.
  • Equipped for long-range travel. The Shimano STEPS Lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 418Wh to 504Wh when fully charged. That translates to almost a hundred miles of ground covered if you pedal on Eco mode!
  • All e-bike frames have a lifetime warranty. Meanwhile, select components and decals have a one-year warranty.

Points for Improvement:

  • Devinci e-bikes can be too expensive for the average cyclist.
  • Some Devinci e-bikes fulfill a niche role and don’t get too much attention.

Popular Devinci E-Bike Models

Devinci e-bikes tough and all-terrain

Devinci e-bikes are made with strong aluminum alloy to ensure that the bikes can go through harsh terrains.

Devinci e-bikes cost between $3,699 to $7,699. Do not be intimidated by these prices because when you ride one of these e-bikes for the first time, you won’t regret a single dollar.

The company doesn’t have a large inventory of e-bikes yet, but each one already specializes in a particular type of road.

Even then, Devinci designed these e-bikes with versatility in mind. So no matter which one you pick, you’re in for the ride of your life!

Here is a brief summary of what makes each Devinci e-bike unique:

  1. E-Hatchet – MSRP: $3,699 – The E-Hatchet was designed to conquer open gravel roads. Its puncture-resistant tires and tough carbon steel fork ensure that the wheels of this e-bike stay in place during long backcountry rides.
  2. E-Cartier – MSRP: $3,699 – One of the best urban e-bikes available, the E-Cartier, strikes a perfect balance for cyclists who want a hybrid e-bike for maneuvering around traffic and cruising along open roads.
  3. E-Griffin – MSRP: $3,699 – Meet the family-friendly e-bike built by Devinci specifically for cruising around the city. The short-stem frame provides an upright view of the surroundings while you pedal, which is perfect for avoiding pedestrians on crowded streets!
  4. AC – MSRP: $6,499 – The AC is built for endurance rather than speed. Choose this e-bike if you love enduro racing because its reinforced frame and shock-resistant components can survive extreme downhill or uphill rides.
  5. DC – MSRP: $7,699 – The DC all-mountain e-bike is one of the most powerful machines made by Devinci. The large 29.2-inch tires coupled with the company’s iconic 6066-T6 aluminum alloy frame make this e-bike a force to be reckoned with on mountainous territory.
  6. EP – MSRP: $4,999 – A perfect choice for cyclists who want a robust, mid-range trail bike. The EP matches the toughness of the AC and DC, but it’s easier to run for casual off-road cyclists who just want to cruise along a nice, familiar trail.

Devinci E-Bike Classes, Motors, and Batteries

Devinci E-bikes Classes, Motors and Batteries

Using a powerful motor, Devinci e-bikes have enough power to go through an elevated terrain with ease.

The Devinci e-bikes are run by a 250W Shimano motor. It can efficiently generate 60nm of torque to push the e-bike over elevated terrain with minimal effort. The motor even generates only little noise, which means you have one less distraction to worry about during your outdoor escapades!

Three Devinci e-bikes—the E-Hatchet, E-Griffin, and E-Cartier—use the Shimano STEPS battery with a capacity of 418Wh. You can cruise for up to 93 miles on its full charge, which is more than enough for a day’s worth of commuting.

On the other hand, the AC, DC, and EP are fitted with a Shimano STEPS 504Wh battery. It’s well-protected by a flexible Nylon cover, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it during a long trip along the mountainside.

Devinci makes Class 1 e-bikes, which means you can reach a top assisted speed of 20mph. The Shimano STEPS computer display shows everything you need to know about your trip—speed, distance, and assist level, to name a few.

These e-bikes have three pedal assist levels to choose from. One, Eco mode is used to maintain an optimal speed to save battery power. Then you have Trail mode, the recommended assist level for cyclists who encounter rough patches along the road. And, of course, there’s Boost mode for the ultimate pedal-assist experience. Use it to overcome the most difficult slopes and rugged roads!

Customer Service and Product Warranty

Devinci Bikes' best electric bikes

The Devinci e-bikes have a lifetime warranty on the bikes’ frames with a one-year warranty for other selected parts.

Devinci Bikes has been around for a long time, and a big reason why it continues to stay relevant—aside from its research and development department, of course—is its excellent customer service. After all, every successful company knows the importance of keeping its clientele informed and happy.

Not all customers know which Devinci e-bike they should get from the start. There are six to choose from, and all of them are so good that indecisiveness is bound to kick in. That’s why this company added an important feature to their website—the bike comparator!

The bike comparator allows potential customers to compare as many Devinci e-bikes as they want. It places their choices side-by-side for easy comparison of each individual component. The process is so simple that it’s such a mystery that not all bike companies have done this yet.

Let’s assume that the customer has chosen a particular e-bike. Now he or she must decide the size of the frame. Devinci assists the customer by recommending a frame size depending on their selected height. Whether you stand 3’9 inches or 6’11 inches in height, you’ll find the right e-bike dimensions for you.

You might also ask, how does it feel riding a Devinci e-bike? The response has been generally positive! Many customers loved the versatility, handling, and durability of these e-bikes. No matter what type of road customers maneuvered on, their e-bikes did not give them a hard time. Furthermore, braking, speeding, and turning on a Devinci e-bike can be done smoothly regardless of the rider’s skill level.

Last but not least is the warranty policy. Devinci Bikes has got you covered in that aspect. If you’re planning to buy one of their bikes now, then you’re luckier than those who bought them before 2006! You’re qualified for a lifetime warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty for select parts.

You Might Also Ask

  • Where are Devinci e-bikes made?

Devinci’s bikes are all designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada. In some cases, the frames and components are outsourced from the company’s partner factories overseas.

  • What types of e-bikes do Devinci Bikes make?

Devinci manufactures Class 1 e-bikes for all types of terrain. Specifically, there’s an e-city bike (E-Griffin), e-hybrid bike (E-Cartier), e-gravel bike (E-Hatchet), e-mountain bike (DC), e-enduro bike (AC), and e-trail bike (EP)

  • How fast can Devinci e-bikes run?

Devinci e-bikes are categorized under Class 1, which means they can reach a top speed of 20mph with no throttle.

  • How do I order spare parts for my Devinci e-bike? 

Devinci e-bikes are not sold directly from their website, but they do have a list of authorized dealers that sell extra components.

  • Which size should I choose for my Devinci e-bike?

Each Devinci e-bike has a size chart on its product page where you can input a height, and the corresponding frame size will be suggested to you. For more specific size concerns, contact your nearest Devinci-authorized dealer.

Bottom Point — Who Are Devinci E-Bikes For?

Devinci Bikes' e-bikes review

Devinci Bikes e-bikes are designed and built for mountain, off-road, and city bikers.

Devinci Bikes began as a company that makes road bikes for Canadians. For the past two decades, it has evolved and expanded beyond its original scope. The company now has a successful line of traditional and electric bikes for cyclists around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you only travel on concrete, gravel, rocks, or even mud. Devinci Bikes has the perfect e-bike that can help you reach your destination without ruining the fun of the journey.

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