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Although slightly niche, motorcycle-inspired e-bikes have a growing fanbase. This is evidenced by the number of brands with a model that fits this category. Examples include Ride1UP’s Revv 1 and Engwe’s M20. Additionally, Juiced Bikes focuses almost exclusively on the moped design.

Super73 specializes in moped-style e-bikes. The brand has several models across a broad price range ($1,295 to $4,800). Although similar in appearance, the different builds have varying capabilities and use cases, such as urban, off-road, or mixed-terrain.

In this article, we will review the brand and the lineup, highlight the shared strengths and weaknesses of Super73 bikes, and finish with some frequently asked questions, so you can decide if a Super73 electric bike is right for you.


About Super73 Electric Bikes

Super73 is a US-based e-bike brand founded in 2016 in Irvine, Orange County, CA. As is evident by the lineup, the company focuses exclusively on electric bikes with a motorcycle look. Although they don’t appeal to the average rider, these e-bikes have a decent-size base of passionate owners.

man riding Super73 motorcycle electric bike

Super73 electric bikes gained a lot of publicity and traction in the media thanks to the company’s clever collaborations with brands and celebrities like Will Smith, the Star Wars brand, PSG football club, Hot Wheels, and Yves Saint Laurent.

After just two years of operation, Super73 expanded from North America into the European market. As of 2024, it sells nine models in Europe and 11 in the USA. We believe these e-bikes are best enjoyed with the higher speed limits available in the US (28 mph), as the EU and UK limit electric bikes to 15.5 mph.


Super73 Electric Bikes Pros and Cons

Overall, Super73 electric bikes are on the more expensive side when compared to other direct-to-consumer brands like Aventon or Ride1UP. However, they remain popular thanks to their unique designs.

The Super73 Bikes lineup is quite similar in appearance, but the components and capabilities are diverse. Here we’ll summarize some characteristics shared across the lineup.


  • Super73’s app allows easy updates, navigation, and adjustment of settings
  • There is a wide range of models to choose from, with varying abilities on and off-road.
  • Models can switch between Class 1, 2, 3, or ‘off-road’ modes.
  • High load capacities of 325 lb.
  • Solid max ranges of 50 or 75 miles.
  • Removable batteries make for convenient charging.
  • Fat tires that range from 4″ to 5″ wide.


  • Super73 e-bikes are universally heavy, weighing from 60 lb to 88 lb.
  • Long charge times of up to seven hours.
  • Super73’s marketing claims are exaggerated.
  • The moped-style geometry with non-adjustable seats isn’t suitable for riders who like to pedal.

Super73 Electric Bike Lineup Overview

As of early 2024,  Super73’s US lineup consists of 11 models, including one kids’ electric balance bike. The adults’ e-bikes break down into three categories, indicated by the letters Z, S, or R. They can also be categorized as ‘All-Terrain’ or ‘Street’.

Young man riding his SUPER73 S2 ebike through a flower field full throttle with a helmet on

Next, we will look at the three different categories to see what each one offers, but first, let’s distinguish the “Adventure Series” e-bikes.

Super73 Adventure Series Electric Bikes

Super73’s Adventure Series features three models, one in each of the R, S, and Z categories. These models are optimized with enhanced functionality, performance, and capability.

To achieve this, the Adventure Series builds have suspension, 8-speed drivetrains, extended seats, GRZLY all-terrain tires, lights, and relocated batteries.

Super73-Z Series Electric Bikes

Super73-Z Series Electric Bike

The brand describes the three ‘Z’ builds as the “most convenient and effortless,” tailored toward new riders and those switching to an e-bike for the first time. They sport the iconic Super73 look, just with fewer bells and whistles.

The simplicity of these Super73 e-bikes means lower prices, ranging from $1,995 to $2,695. However, they are also more limited in their performance.

The two non-Adventure Series builds lack components like lights and suspension, and they use cheaper mechanical disc brakes. Given that, they are best suited to commuting in urban environments, avoiding off-road terrain.

Each model has a unique banana-style seat with extra padding and a 30 to 50-mile max range. With fewer components, these are the lightest and most compact Super73 models, weighing 60 lb, 63 lb, and 74 lb.

If you purchase one of these basic builds, you can customize it with a range of Super73 accessories, such as fenders, racks, lights, bells, baskets, and bags.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual models:

  • Super73-Z Miami  – The brand’s cheapest and lightest model, suitable for short urban commutes. This single-speed e-bike doesn’t come with lights, a horn, or fenders, so riders should add these as needed. Mechanical disc brakes, slick tires, a 500W motor, and a rigid frameset mean this bike is only suitable for pavement.
  • Super73-ZX – The next step up in price is very similar to the Miami but brings a more powerful 600W motor with a higher top speed and wider tires (4.5″ and 5″). This model is also only suitable for commuting but is available in seven different colors.
  • Super73-Z Adventure Series – As mentioned, the Adventure Series models are more capable. The Z Adventure Series has lights, a horn, an 8-speed drivetrain, front suspension, and knobbly 4.5″ and 5″ tires. These additions add basic off-road abilities to the comfortable commuter chassis.

Super73-S Series Electric Bikes

Super73-S Series Electric Bike

The S Series also consists of three builds; two standard and one extra-capable Adventure Series e-bike. This trio is also urban-centric, just with better components and more versatility. However, they come at a higher cost, ranging from $3,295 to $3,600.

Each S Series model has a large 960 Wh battery that provides 40 to 75 miles of range. In addition, they share the same 750W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, inverted coil suspension forks, and lights.

  • Super73-S2 – The S2 is the most affordable of the three builds and best suited to urban environments with its full rear fender, front fender, BDGR moto-inspired tires, and a relatively low weight of 73 lb.
  • Super73-S Adventure Series – The S Adventure Series gets the standard upgrade kit, including an 8-speed drivetrain, GRZLY off-road tires, integrated lighting, a horn, an extended seat, and repositioned battery for better handling. These extras come at a weight penalty of 11 lb over the S2.
  • Super73-S2 x Indian MC eFTR Hooligan 1.2 – This model is the result of a collaboration with Indian Motorcycle. Its componentry list is almost identical to the S Adventure, but it doesn’t have fenders or a horn, and it has a single-speed drivetrain.

Super73-R Series Electric Bikes

Super73-R Series Electric Bike

The Super73-R Series features four models, one of which is an enhanced Adventure Series build. This group is characterized by its off-road capability (except the R Brooklyn) and higher pricing, ranging from $3,695 to $4,800.

These higher-end Super73 bikes are ideal for experienced riders who want more power, range, and the ability to explore wherever the road or trail goes. Unfortunately, the R Series seats aren’t quite as comfortable as those of the Z Series.

All four models have 960 Wh batteries with max ranges of 40 to 75 miles. Likewise, they are all full suspension with 750W motors, hydraulic disc brakes, and lights, horns.

  • Super73-R Brooklyn – The R Brooklyn is the single urban-centric model of this series. It has slick LZRD fat tires, adjustable rear suspension, and a basic single-speed drivetrain. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have fenders, so commuters may need to add them.
  • Super73-RX Mojave – The RX Mojave, named after the famous Californian desert, takes a big step up in capability with a modest price increase of $300. This model has fenders, adjustable front and rear suspension, knobbly GRZLY tires, and integrated lights.
  • Super73-R Adventure Series – The R Adventure and Mojave are identical in price and very similar in build. The main differences are the extended seat, extra color choices (four in total), 8-speed drivetrain, and repositioned battery that improves handling by lowering the center of gravity.
  • RSD x Super73-RX Malibu – Super73 partnered with legendary GP racer, Roland Sands, to produce the Malibu, the most expensive model on the lineup. This e-bike has a premium Fox rear shock but is otherwise identical to the Mojave in all but finish.

Super73-K1D Kid’s Electric Bike

Super73-K1D Kid's Electric Bike

Super73’s most recent release marks a foray into the kids’ electric bikes market, following the lead of hunting e-bike brand Rambo Bikes.

The Super73 K1D is an electric balance bike designed to make learning to ride a more enjoyable experience. It will feature 60 minutes of riding time, a removable battery, and multiple riding modes to switch between as the child progresses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Super73 so expensive?

Super73 bikes are expensive because buyers of moped-style electric bikes are willing to pay more for style. It’s possible to find e-bikes with more performance and higher quality components at lower prices, but they don’t look as unique as Super73 e-bikes.

Is the Super73 worth it?

Super73 electric bikes are worth it if you value style and looks and have a reasonable budget. The prices of Super73 e-bikes are elevated, given the level of components, but they are some of the most aesthetically pleasing motorcycle-style models on the market.

How fast is a Super73?

Super73 electric bikes can go as fast as 20 mph in Class 1 or 2 modes. In Class 3 mode, they can reach 28 mph. In the ‘Off-Road’ unrestricted mode, most models can reach speeds over 28 mph. The Super73-Z Miami is the only model that tops out at 26 mph.

How much does a Super73 cost?

As of early 2024, a Super73 electric bike costs between $1,995 and $4,800. The cheapest model is the lightweight Z Miami urban commuter; the most expensive is the RSD x Super73-RX Malibu off-roader, made in collaboration with GP racer Roland Sands.

Is Super73 made in China?

Super73 doesn’t indicate where its electric bikes are made. However, given the direct-to-consumer business model, it’s likely that the bikes are manufactured in China or other East Asian countries. The majority of electric bikes on the market are made in these countries.

Is Super73 waterproof?

No, Super73 electric bikes are not waterproof. They are made to be minimally weather resistant, which protects against water splashes and light rain. Avoid riding your Super73 e-bike during heavy rain or through puddles and streams, as this could damage the electronics.


Final Thoughts: Should You Buy a Super73 E-Bike?

Super73 electric bikes are a true fashion statement within the e-bike industry. Each model has that distinct moto-inspired look which has surprisingly broad appeal to e-bikers.

Rider on a Super73-Z Adventure ebike riding in a concrete alleyway

If you’re considering purchasing a Super73 e-bike for its outstanding performance or value, you’d be better served elsewhere. Likewise, they are not the right choice if you want an e-bike for exercise or pedaling.

Super73 electric bikes can be expensive for the level of components you get, but they offer an exciting ride, especially when you can use them in ‘Off-Road’ mode.

If you appreciate the sleek Super73 style, you’re looking to turn heads when you take to the road or trail, and you have a decent budget to play around with, consider a Super73 e-bike.

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