Velotric E-Bike Brand Review: A Blend of Style, Comfort, and Performance in Urban E-Cycling

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Velotric is an up-and-rising electric bike brand with a growing fan base in the United States. Like Aventon and Rad Power Bikes, Velotric offers a small range of urban-centric e-bikes with affordable pricing and decent entry-level components.

Velotric e-bikes retail for between $1,500 and $2,000 but are frequently found with large discounts, making them very competitive.

The company is currently establishing a network of dealers in the US to support its direct-to-consumer sales and improve the ownership experience by making access to test riding and repairs more accessible.

This Velotric e-bike review will discuss the brand, some pros and cons of the lineup, and review each bike so you know which model, if any, is the best fit for your e-biking needs.


About Velotric Electric Bikes

man and woman riding velotric electric bikes across a bridge

Velotric is a Chinese e-bike company that ventured into the US market in 2023. The company’s co-founder, Adam Zhang, founder of e-mobility sharing service Lime, brings his industry experience and connections to help Velotric succeed in a highly competitive low-cost e-bike market.

In just one year, the company has seized a small yet important foothold in the US market and set up a base of over 150 dealers in the lower 48 states. The network of retailers will boost the brand’s credibility domestically, putting them in the minds of more buyers.

Velotric’s mission is to create electric bikes that are simple, comfortable, reliable, performant, and “superior in style.” From reviewing the different models, it’s clear that they’re on their way to achieving this goal.


Velotric Electric Bike Pros and Cons

Velotric electric bikes face stiff competition from rival brands, so it’s crucial to consider all the pros and cons before purchasing one of their products.


  • Velotric e-bikes are UL-certified.
  • Higher than average payload capacities.
  • Tidy integrated electronics and cabling.
  • Good range of urban e-bike styles in the lineup.
  • Multiple color options for each model.


  • Not as sturdy as Aventon.
  • Slightly more expensive than the competition at full price.


Velotric Electric Bike Lineup

Velotric has six models, five urban-centric and one all-terrain e-bike (Nomad 1). In this section, we’ll take a closer look at each bike and see how they stack up against similar competition from brands like Aventon, Rad Power Bikes, and Ride1UP.

Velotric Nomad 1

velotric nomad 1 ebike

MSRP: $1,799

  • Step-over and step-through options
  • Hydraulic suspension fork
  • Puncture-resistant fat tires


All-terrain fat-tire e-bikes are some of the most popular models. The Nomad 1 takes on giants like the RadRover 6 Plus, Lectric XPeak, and Aventon Aventure.2.

At full price, it’s hard to say the Nomad 1 stands out, especially given the aggressive pricing offered by Lectric for their new all-terrain e-bike. On sale, this bike becomes a much more impressive offering.

It’s well-rounded, with a decent max range of 55 miles, a 750W, 75 Nm cadence-sensing hub motor, 8-speed Shimano Acera gearing, and hydraulic disc brakes.

The Nomad 1 also has an impressive 440 lb payload capacity, so while it doesn’t come with a rack, you can add one to turn it into a commuter or off-road adventure machine.

The Velotric Nomad 1 is another solid option in a category loaded with options, but the choice of seven colors and step-through or step-over frames may give it the edge for some.

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Velotric Discover 1

velotric discover 1 ebike

MSRP: $1,599

  • Comfort-focused ride position
  • 65-mile range
  • Step-over and step-through frames


The Discover 1 by Velotric is a city commuter with a choice of step-over or step-through frames and six colorways.

This model is essentially a cheaper, less versatile version of the Nomad 1, but with narrower, urban-friendly tires. However, it is slightly lighter and has more range (65 miles).

Though Velotric included a set of lights and fenders, they neglected to include a rack, despite marketing this bike as their dedicated commuter. You can add a rack for $69 when purchasing the bike.

Again, the sturdy frame can support 440 lb, which is above average for this style of bike. A set of 2.5″ tires, 80 mm suspension travel, and rider-facing handlebars deliver a relaxed and smooth ride.

All things considered, the Velotric Discover 1 is a decent option, but it doesn’t stand out in a highly competitive commuter e-bike segment.

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Velotric T1

Velotric Thunder 1 e-bike

MSRP: $1,799

  • Torque sensor
  • Theft alert, GPS-tracking, and remote unlock
  • Lightweight at 36 lb


The T1 (previously Velotric Thunder 1) is a sleek, fully integrated urban electric bike with a simple, low-maintenance design and handy ‘smart features.’

This model will appeal to those who want an e-bike with a more traditional feel. The torque-sensing 350W motor provides natural power that makes riding easier, but the lack of a throttle means you must pedal.

Urban dwellers will appreciate the added security and safety afforded by the T1’s GPS tracking, crash detection, and auto-on headlight.

Though the max range from the 353 Wh battery is impressive at 70 miles, you can take extra confidence in the low weight and fast-rolling 38 mm tires that make this bike easy to ride without assistance.

The Ride1UP Roadster V2 is similar and more affordable, but if you want a high-tech, long-range urban companion and price isn’t an issue, the Velotric T1 is a better option.

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Velotric T1 ST

velotric t1 st ebike

MSRP: $1,499

  • Torque sensor
  • Puncture-resistant 40 mm tires
  • Tidy internal cable routing


The T1 ST is the more affordable of Velotric’s two electric hybrid bikes, with a lower standover height, wider tires, and slightly less range.

The T1 ST incorporates Apple’s ‘Find My’ GPS tracking but lacks the other smart features found on its more expensive sibling. Its wider 40 mm tires offer slightly more cushioning with a touch more rolling resistance.

Though the battery is the same, the Velopower E35 drive isn’t as efficient, meaning the T1 ST has a max range of 52 miles, which is still impressive for an e-bike at this price.

Again, the narrow tires, low weight of 36 lb, and efficient riding position make it possible to ride this bike without assistance. And with the torque sensor, it feels much closer to a traditional bike.

If you need a simple yet efficient urban runaround without the fancy extras, consider the T1 ST over the T1.

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Velotric Packer 1

Velotric packer ebike

MSRP: $1,999

  • 176 lb rear rack capacity
  • 1200W peak power motor
  • Lighter than the competition


Cargo electric bikes are increasingly popular, with most brands offering one. Velotric’s Packer 1 is a competitive entry-level option on par with the Aventon Abound, except without the torque sensor.

The Packer 1 has an approachable low-step frame and sturdy dual-sided kickstand, making it easy to load with gear. At 75 lb, this frame is a few pounds lighter than similar competition despite coming with an integrated waterproof storage bag.

The 750W motor peaks at 1200W, which is ample power for hauling a full rear rack. The total payload capacity is 440 lb, which is typical for the category.

Comfort and control are aided by an 80 mm hydraulic suspension fork, chunky tires (2.4″ front, 3″ rear), and hydraulic disc brakes.

The Velotric Packer 1 is a solid choice if you’re looking for electric cargo bikes with well-rounded performance and comfort, especially if you find it on sale.

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Velotric Go 1

velotric go 1 ebike

MSRP: $1,799

  • Short tail with high 120 lb capacity
  • 55-mile range
  • Compact for easier storage


Utility e-bikes are more compact, easier-to-manage alternatives to unwieldy cargo e-bikes like the Packer 1. The Go 1 slots in alongside models like Rad Power Bikes’ RadRunner and Blix Bikes’ Dubbel.

The Go 1 Velotric bike offers most of the performance of its longer sibling but is better suited to navigating busy city traffic or fitting in a tight space at home.

Despite its smaller size, the Go 1 can handle the same total payload as the Packer, just with a reduced capacity on the shorter rear rack (120 lb). This model also has a smaller 500W (900W peak) motor, so tackling hills while loaded isn’t as easy.

Like the Packer, it has hydraulic suspension and wide tires (20″ x 3″) to provide traction and comfort. The 65 lb weight also makes it easier to maneuver or lift if necessary.

The Velotric Go 1 may be the bike for you if you need the performance of a cargo e-bike but less of the heft.

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1. Who makes Velotric bikes?

Velotric bikes are made in factories in China. Velotric is run and owned by co-founders Ted Li, the Head of Marketing, and Adam Zhang, the current CEO. Mr. Zhang is also a co-founder of the bike and scooter-sharing company Lime.

2. How fast can a Velotric e-bike go?

A Velotric e-bike can go as fast as 25mph when unlocked via the display. All Velotric electric bikes ship as Class 1 (T1, T1 ST) or Class 2, with speed limited to 20mph using either throttle power or pedal assist.

3. How long does it take to charge a Velotric bike?

It takes around six hours to charge a Velotric electric bike. Four of the six models have 14.4Ah batteries paired with 3A chargers, while the T1 and T1 ST have smaller batteries (9.8Ah) and 2A chargers. Either way, the charge time is roughly the same.

4. What is the weight limit on the Velotric e-bike?

The weight limit on a Velotric e-bike is either 440lb or 330lb, depending on the model. The light-duty T1 and T1 ST can support up to 330lb of payload (rider and cargo), while the Nomad, Discover, Go, and Packer all support up to 440lb.

5. Is Velotric’s Discover 1 waterproof?

The Velotric Discover 1 is not fully waterproof but has a great water resistance rating (IPX6). This rating protects against a high-pressure water stream from any direction. This is the highest rating found on electric bikes; IPX7 would protect against immersion in water.


Final Thoughts: Should You Buy a Velotric Electric Bike?

velotric go 1 electric bike equipped with accessories and loaded with cargo

Velotric bikes are an exciting addition to a competitive US market. The brand’s emphasis on style and design makes its lineup stand out from other entry-level competitors like Rad Power Bikes and Aventon.

Though the pricing isn’t as competitive as Lectric or Ride1UP, Velotric’s sales are aggressive, with up to $800 off in discounts.

Like most entry-level e-bike manufacturers, Velotric owners report issues with customer service and warranty claims, but as the brand continues to expand and develop a network of dealers in the US, we expect they will improve their support.

If you’re in the market for an affordable and sleek e-bike for urban use or light off-roading, we think a Velotric e-bike is worth considering.

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