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After years of redesign, innovation, and careful attention to detail, Lectric Bikes have created one of the most robust ebike lineups in the industry. Each Lectric eBike is affordable, foldable, and comfortable, and their Lectric XPremium quickly became one of the most popular affordable mid-drive eBikes in the USA.  

The brand-new Lectric XPremium is built to help you ride further and more comfortably than ever before and is the first to use Lectric’s mid-drive motor. The XPremium is also a dual battery electric bike which helps it achieve up to 100 miles on a single charge. 

All of this folds into a sturdy frame that you can carry, transport, and store with ease. Overall, the Lectric XPremium is one of the best budget ebikes, and you can get it all for under $1,600. 

In this Lectric XPremium review, we’re doing to take a closer look at the folding e-bike’s specs, features, and who it’s designed for.

Main Specifications

  • MSRP: $1,599
  • Motor: 500W (800W peak) mid-drive (28mph max speed)
  • Battery: dual 48V 10.4Ah lithium-ion batteries
  • Drivetrain: 7-speed 12-32T
  • Range: up to 100 miles
  • Charge time: 4-6 hours
  • Tires: 20” x 4”
  • Brakes: hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors
  • Bike weight: 75 lbs (including 7 lb battery)
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Fork: suspension with 80mm travel


Lectric XPremium Review

Lectric Bikes has released a one-of-a-kind ebike with a wide range of abilities. Not only can the Lectric XPremium cover up to 100 miles, but it can also handle off-road trails such as dirt or gravel.

lectric xpremium folding electric bike

Plus, the entire frame folds up so that you can carry and store your Lectric XPremium on the train, subway, bus, office, or apartment. 

The XPremium is one of many ebikes options available from Lectric Bikes, and it will fit nicely into almost any budget. Comparable folding ebikes can cost well over $2,000, whereas the Lectric XPremium comes in at just $1,599. 

Why Choose a Folding eBike?

A folding electric bike has numerous advantages, especially for urban commuters. A folding frame allows you to easily store your ebike in a crowded garage, small apartment, or transport it in your car’s trunk. You can also potentially take the bike on public transportation, though that’s not easy with the XPremium due to its 75-lb weight.

If you want to see similar bikes to the XPremium, check out our list of the best folding electric bikes you can get.

Frameset, Geometry, and Payload Capacity

Lectric XPremium comes with a solid aluminum alloy frame that measures 74 x 25 x 48 in when unfolded. In just a few seconds, you can fold the frame into a 40 x 22 x 32 in. bundle which comfortably fits onto buses, trains, offices, and apartments. 

With a standover height of 19”, the XPremium fits riders from 5’2” – 6’5”. 

One of the dual batteries is integrated into the top tube of the XPremium, whereas the other sits behind the seat tube. One of the drawbacks of this e-bike is its weight. Coming in at 75 lbs, you’ll need quite a bit of core and upper body strength to lift and transport the XPremium. 

Also included in the price tag is a rear rack that can handle up to 55 lbs. The entire bike has a payload capacity of 330 lbs, which means that most riders can comfortably transport groceries, books, bags, and more. You also get integrated front and rear lights and hydraulic disc brakes, both of which are a big plus for urban commuters. 

Lectric XPremium Motor and Battery

The Lectric XPremium motor is one of its best features. Its mid-drive design comes with a torque sensor which adds to the smoothness and intuitiveness of the motor function.

Lectric XPremium comes with a 7-speed gearing setup, which can feel more natural on hills or when adjusting your power output. The pedal responsiveness is outstanding, and it’s a feature that separates this bike from many of its competitors. 

lectric xpremium battery and motor

Most folding e-bikes, especially at this price range, come with rear hub motors that are less powerful and efficient than mid-drive motors.

Impressively, the Lectric XPremium comes with premium features at a mid-range price tag. This includes the dual 48V 10.4Ah battery setup with a range of up to 100 miles, making it one of the longest-range ebikes on the market

The bike has five different pedal assist levels and a 28 mph top speed. You can turn it into a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 e-bike, which is a great feature for those who live in areas with ebike restrictions. 

Level 5, the highest power setting of pedal assistance, can take you up to 60 miles at 20-28 mph. That’s a huge range for a folding ebike, especially at the sub-$1,600 price point. Using the throttle only, you can still go up to 50 miles at 20 mph on the Lectric XPremium. 

Lectric XPremium Components

Lectric XPremium comes with a 7-speed drivetrain and 12-32T cassette that provides a huge range of gearing for all sorts of terrain.

With the 4” tires, you’ll be able to tackle plenty of off-roading in addition to commutes and city riding. The 80 mm travel in the front fork suspension also helps cushion rough patches of road.

xpremium cargo ebike kit

The XPremium has plenty of power and range to get you up the steepest of hills, plus it has a torque sensor to make the pedal assistance as seamless as possible.

Every electronic component on this mid-drive ebike is well-protected since the entire ebike is IP-65 rated, ensuring the best protection against water, dirt, gravel, and road grime. 

You can control the power settings on the backlit LCD display mounted on the handlebars. Faux-leather grips are a nice addition to make your hands even more comfortable, while the integrated lights and a kickstand increase the XPremium’s value. 

Who Is Lectric XPremium Best Suited For?

Lectric XPremium is designed for beginner to advanced e-bike riders. The 4” tires, hydraulic disc brakes, and 80 mm of front fork travel make the bike comfortable and stable for beginner-level riders. 

Many of those same features make the Lectric XPremium ideal for adventure riding on dirt roads, light trails, and plenty of gravel. Intermediate and experienced riders can use the huge range of up to 100 miles to do some true exploration. 

The XPremium is also perfect as a commuter electric bike, considering it has plenty of accessories, a long-range, and the ability to carry loads of cargo.

If you find the XPremium to be too much for your needs, consider its lightweight cousin Lectric XP Lite, as it might fit your needs better.

What’s Our Verdict?

In this Lectric XPremium review, we’ve taken a detailed look at Lectric’s adventure-driven folding e-bike. The sturdy frame comes with a number of impressive features and accessories, especially at this price point. 

lectric xpremium mid-drive electric bike

No Lectric XPremium bike review would be complete without mentioning its dual batteries and a massive 100-mile range. With a 7-speed drivetrain, pedal assistance, throttle, and 28 mph top speed, you can do some serious riding on this e-bike. 

Ultimately, this is one of the best value folding e-bikes. It has the capabilities for all-day adventures and comfortable morning commutes. 

The folding frame unlocks a wide range of possibilities, and you’ll never run out of power and gear range on the XPremium. We have very few complaints about it and deem it to be one of the best budget folding e-bikes.


Is Lectric XPremium worth it?

Yes, the Lectric XPremium is one of the best budget folding ebikes available. It includes a number of impressive features and accessories that you would typically find on high-end ebikes. However, the XPremium is available for just $1,599.00, making it an excellent buy for beginner-to-expert e-bikers. 

How fast does the Lectric XPremium go?

Lectric XPremium has a top speed of 28 mph. There are five different levels of pedal assist, plus a throttle. The dual battery setup allows you to utilize the XPremium’s top speed of 28 mph for up to 50-60 miles. 

What motor does Lectric XPremium use?

Lectric XPremium uses a 500W sustained/800W peak mid-drive motor with a torque sensor and a 7-speed drivetrain. The mid-drive motor is one of the XPremium’s standout features since its design is smoother and more efficient than comparable ebikes with hub motors.  

What is the Lectric XPremium’s range?

The Lectric XPremium has a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge. On throttle only, it can achieve a range of around 50 miles. While on the pedal assist, the range varies between 60-100 miles depending on the level of assistance. 

How much does Lectric XPremium weigh?

The Lectric XPremium weighs 75 lbs, including the 7 lb battery. This is pretty standard, if not a bit overweight, for an e-bike of this type and in this price category. The weight won’t affect the ride quality too much, but you won’t easily carry it around when folded.

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