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Rad Power Bikes is a young electric bicycle manufacturer, based in Seattle, WA, USA. They produce unique city, folding, all-terrain, cargo, and utility bicycles, as well as a plethora of accessories and parts.


Rad Power Bikes is North America’s largest electric bicycle brand that is manufacturing reasonably-priced bicycles built for everyday people to ride every day.

They have a Direct-to-Consumer business model that eliminates retailers and third-parties, bringing the price down for the end consumer.

The company was officially established in 2015 when Mike Radenborough partnered with Ty Collins, his childhood friend, and started an Indiegogo campaign to help them launch their first e-bike. Their goal was to raise $40,000, but they ended with a $320,000 budget and the rest is pretty much history.

  • Rad Power produces affordable everyday electric bicycles for everyday people.
  • All Rad Power e-bikes have pedal-assist and throttle functions.
  • The company became popular because of a unique approach that focuses on practicality.
  • Rad Power Bikes operates on a direct-to-consumer business model that eliminates distributors and retailers.
  • All Rad electric bikes are fully customizable with accessories available on the official website.
  • Rad Power produces and sells some of the most affordable electric bikes on the market.

In reality, Rad Power Bikes has its roots back in 2007 when Mike Radenborough built his first e-bike as a way to get to high school and back home in a more practical way. For years, Rad Power Bikes was a one-man operation as Mike worked on converting traditional bikes into e-bikes for neighbors, friends, family, and local customers.

Rad Power’s headquarters are located in Seattle, WA, but they also have offices in Vancouver, Canada, and in Utrecht, Netherlands.

At the moment, Rad Power Bikes produces and sells ten models that fall into five different categories:

  • All-terrain
  • City
  • Cargo & Utility
  • Folding
  • Step-Thru

What’s interesting and especially attractive about Rad Power’s bicycles is that they are all priced well-below the market’s average. As we’re writing this, their cheapest model costs just $999, whereas their most expensive model comes with a $1,699 price tag. That’s very uncommon for electric bicycles which often come with much higher prices.

RadCity 2

RadCity 2

Rad Power summarizes the company’s philosophy with a handy acronym, calling themselves RADICAL:

  • R – Responsible, to our environment, community, and team
  • A – Accountable, we take ownership, bias to action, seek and provide feedback
  • D – Diverse, inclusive of experiences, backgrounds, skills, we value every voice
  • I – Innovators, we challenge ourselves and the status quo, we are original
  • C – Customer-driven, completely, we do the right thing for our riders
  • A – Approachable, kind, we collaborate and are always willing to help
  • L – Learners, we grow our skills, we are humble and seek to improve


Rad Power takes a unique approach to manufacturing bicycles. Most of their lineup is comprised of entry-level models with a focus on practicality and utilitarianism.

Part of the success also lies in the fact that Rad Power’s bikes are absolutely jam-packed with features and accessories.

Even their cheaper models are usually fitted with fenders, lights, racks, a kickstand, and disc brakes.

When it comes to the electronic components, most Rad Power bicycles are powered with Bafang motors and large battery packs with capacities upwards of 600 Wh. Since they operate in the USA, Canada, and Europe, the maximum motor power is usually chosen in regard to local laws governing electric bicycles. Most models also have both a throttle and a pedal-assist mode which puts them in the Class 2 e-bike category.


Rad Power’s Electric Bicycles

Rad Power’s lineup of bicycles is not huge. Instead of focusing on quantity, they offer only 10 individual models at the moment, but they direct all of their resources into making them as best as they can be.

These are not performance bicycles built for athletes who want to test their limits. Instead, Rad Power makes their bikes with ordinary people in mind, who wish to start riding more often than before and do it in a comfortable and sustainable manner.

Let’s take a look at their current lineup of models:

  • RadMission

RadMission is Rad Power’s latest and cheapest e-bike. This is a slick and stylish single-speed commuter bike with minimal accessories and maximum practicality. It’s intended for urban-dwellers who would like a fixie bike with a modern twist. RadMission features a high-torque 500W motor and a 504 Wh battery that provides 25-45 miles of range.


  • RadWagon



RadWagon is a capable cargo bicycle designed for those who need to haul a lot of weight without breaking a sweat. It has a super-long rear rack that can fit two child seats, two pairs of panniers, or a massive basket for all of your groceries. RadWagon is powered by a 750W motor supported by a 672 Wh battery. The pair can take this bike up any hill, even when loaded to the brim. Read more…


  • RadRunner

RadRunner by Rad Power Bikes

RadRunner has a sturdy integrated rear rack that can easily carry a child seat or even take a petite adult passenger for a ride.



RadRunner is a simple single-speed city bike that’s supposed to take you from point A to point B with minimal fuss. It rolls on 20″ wheels and has a low standover clearance so it’s stable and easy to ride. The stock version comes with some handy accessories, such as front and rear lights, an integrated rear rack, a kickstand, and a chain tensioner. However, RadRunner is made to be accessorized, so you can fit it with additional 330 combinations of accessories.

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  • RadRunner Plus

RadRunner Plus is a redesigned premium version of the original RadRunner. If you want a premium e-bike riding experience, this is the choice for you. The Plus model comes with all the accessories you could ask for during your daily city commutes. These include front and rear fenders, a rear-wheel skirt, a passenger seat, lights, front suspension, and a multi-gear drivetrain.

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  • RadRover (& Step-Thru)

RadRover is a fat bike that features a powerful electric motor that can take you on an adventure on- and off-road. It rolls on massive 4″ tires and adds to the overall comfort and capabilities with a front suspension fork. Rad Power calls it its flagship e-bike and the best-selling electric fat bike in North America. While it’s an entry-level fat e-bike, you can still do some damage on the trails with the help of its 750W motor. It comes with a step-over and a step-through frame.

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  • RadMini (& Step-Thru)

RadMini is perhaps the most practical of all Rad Power’s e-bikes. This is a folding bicycle that offers a mix of useful accessories that will make daily commutes easier than before. This bike has 20″ wheels and comes built around either a low step-through or a stand-over frame. Both models have fenders, a kickstand, lights, multiple gears, and disc brakes. Plus, they fold down in a matter of seconds.

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  • RadCity (& Step-Thru)

rad power bikes radcity electric bike

Finally, RadCity is a classic urban commuter, but with an electric twist. This a simple hybrid bicycle with front suspension that can take you on an adventure along paved and unpaved roads. Its main selling point is comfort, which it achieves thanks to wide tires, swept-back handlebars, and an ergonomic saddle. If you simply want a commuter that will enable you to stay on the move for longer, RadCity is Rad Power’s answer.

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Features That Make Rad Power Bikes Stand Out

Rad Power’s bicycles are not perfect, but they have numerous thoughtful features that make them stand out in the sea of e-bikes hitting the market right now.

  • Cost-Efficient Direct-to-Consumer Business Model
  • Throttle feature
  • Pedal-Assist mode
  • Powerful e-motors on all models
  • High-capacity batteries on all models
  • A plethora of accessories
  • Focus on practicality
  • Wide Tires
  • Quality over quantity

Additional Information

    • Standard Frames: Yes
    • Custom Frames: No
    • Retrofitting old bikes: No
    • Year Established: Officially in 2015
    • Products Made In: Rad Power Bikes are designed in the USA but built in China
    • Availability: National and international retailers and bike shops
    • Types of Bicycles: Electric bicycles—All-Terrain, City, Cargo & Utility, Folding, Step-Thru
    • Construction Methods: Aluminum frames, with or without folding mechanisms
    • Frame Materials: Aluminum

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Rad Power Bikes is a young electric bicycle manufacturer, based in Seattle, WA, USA. They produce unique city, folding, all-terrain, cargo, and utility bicycles, as well as a plethora of accessories and parts.


  • Cost-Efficient Direct-to-Consumer Business Model
  • Throttle feature
  • Pedal-Assist mode
  • Powerful e-motors on all models
  • High-capacity batteries on all models
  • A plethora of accessories
  • Focus on practicality
  • Wide Tires
  • Quality over quantity

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