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Bike Size Calculator

Bicycle Size Calculator

Find out what size bike you need. Just pick a type of bicycle and enter your details. Perfect when you're looking to buy a bike.

Saddle Height Calculator

Bicycle Saddle Height Calculator

Find out the correct saddle height for your bike to ensure safe, comfortable riding. Also includes instructions and diagrams to help you adjust your saddle height.

Bike Measurement Tool

Measure a Bicycle Frame

Get instructions for measuring your bike along with a list of suitable rider heights. Perfect when you're selling a bike.

Bicycle Guides

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Guide to Buying a Bicycle

When buying a bicycle you should consider which brand, price range, where to buy the bike and how to get service after you purchase it. This guide looks at each of these topics to help you understand the options available. Read More »

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Pinarello Bicycles

Pinarello Bicycles

If you're looking for a bicycle that handles as responsively and as quickly as an Italian racing car, the Pinarello is for you. With pretty paintwork, it's got bling factor all over it and delivers... Read More »

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